After an adventure-packed season of camping, it’s important to clean your RV thoroughly before putting it into storage for the next season. Weeks of driving through all kinds of weather and maneuvering into tricky campsites can leave your RV in need of some serious attention.

While you could try to clean your rig yourself, using an RV detailing service will make the difficult task a breeze. Read on to discover all the benefits a professional detailer has to offer. 

1. Make Sure Hard to Reach Areas are Spotless

No matter what kind of recreational vehicle you use, it’s bound to have some hard-to-clean areas–and these areas will need the most attention! The roof of your RV is sure to have dirt and plant matter from everywhere you’ve traveled throughout the season.

Inside, your RV is sure to have dozens of nooks and crannies that are great for storage–and collecting grime. Crumbs and hiking boot mud can wind up on every surface. Cleaning it all up can be very time-consuming

A professional detailing service will clean every inch of your RV, inside and out, no matter how hard it is to reach. 

2. Keep Your Tanks Fresh

Keeping your water tanks clean is a critical step in RV maintenance. Black and grey tanks are breeding grounds for harmful mold and bacteria, and if your freshwater tank isn’t maintained, your drinking water can suffer.

Cleaning these tanks can be messy, however. One of the benefits of detailing services is that an experienced team will handle these tanks. You won’t have to worry about the mess or potential contamination. 

3. Prevent Future Pests

RV detailers will make sure that your RV is a home fit for you and your family–but not for pests. Keeping your RV clean will help prevent damage to the vehicle. It will make it hard for disease-carrying pests like mice to get in, and it will make the RV less appealing as it won’t be a food source. 

Thorough cleaning can also alert you to any areas that need maintenance repair. If there are signs of damage, you’ll find them when you get your RV detailed. Then you can take action before there’s an infestation. 

4. No Need for Specialty Equipment

Cleaning an RV isn’t as simple as cleaning your car. Whether the sides of your rig are aluminum or fiberglass, you’re going to need specialty brushes, cleaners, and rags to avoid damaging the RV as you clean.

Professional detailers will have all of this specialty equipment already. You won’t need to buy or store tools you’ll only use once a year when you use a detailing service. 

5. Keep Your RV Looking Brand-New

The best way to keep your RV looking brand-new season after season is to get it detailed at the end of every season. A detailer will not only clean and disinfect your RV, but also treat exterior services to protect against UV and weather damage. 

Regular detailing will help maintain the look and function of your RV for years to come, so you can enjoy it worry-free. 

Book Your RV Detailing Service

Using a reputable RV detailing service is a great way to invest in the future of your RV. Keeping the inside and the outside looking and functioning their best will keep you on the road and having adventures for as long as possible. 

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