The fee for a mobile detailer is probably high on your mind, but there are several other factors that should top your list of questions for mobile detailers. Once you find a reputable car detailer or detailing company, you won’t have to revisit their qualifications. 


If you are looking for a local detailing service, these five questions should give you all the basic information you need to make your decision.

1. How Long Has Your Company Been in the Mobile Detailer Business?

Would you hire someone who has one week of experience to replace your roof? Detailing is a craft that takes years to hone and develop. Look for a detailing professional who has at least five years of experience. 

Where that experience comes from also matters. Working at a car dealership doesn’t necessarily mean that individual has learned all of the skills needed to properly detail a boat or vehicle. Car dealerships often prioritize speed over quality.

A quality vehicle detailing should not be rushed. A detailed vehicle or recreational boat should be a labor of love.

2. Can You Accommodate Special Cleaning Instructions?

Maybe you prefer that your vehicle is treated with water-based tire shine instead of silicone. Or maybe you have special instructions for how the leather should be treated.

Asking ahead about special instructions can save you from being surprised if a car detailer can’t or won’t accommodate special requests.

3. What Products Do You Use?

Your car may work better with certain products or you may can about the environmental impact of certain cleaning supplies. Steam cleaning, for example, has zero impact on the environment but can work wonders on your car’s interior.

Asking what products a company uses can give you an idea of the mobile detailer’s cleaning philosophy.

4. What Extra Services Do You Offer?

Besides basic interior and exterior detailing, a detailing company should offer special cleaning services like engine cleaning, headlight buffing, AC vent cleaning, and tire detailing.

You may not need those services every time. Having access to those services allows you to keep the same mobile cleaner year after year. 

5. What Chemicals Will the Mobile Detailer Use?

Advances in car cleaning now mean that harsh chemicals are no longer needed. Hydroflouric acid, for example, was used in the 1990s to remove water stains. The harsh acid also ate away at clear coats.

Modern cleaners should not degrade your car’s coatings and paint. If you care about your vehicle’s longevity, be sure to ask what your mobile detailer does and doesn’t use when detailing. 

Let Your Car or Boat Looks Its Best

With a few simple questions, you can be sure that you picked the right mobile detailer. At Detail Time, we provide our valued customers with the best professional detailing services. We only use top industry equipment and products.

If you are ready to work with a company that exceeds your expectations, give us a call or send us a message online today. We look forward to hearing from you.