There are over 8,000 fleet vehicles in service across America. If you are in charge of managing some of them you need to prioritize fleet washing. Cleaning fleet vehicles ensures integrity for their entire lifetime.

Dirty fleet trucks hide damage and can lead to rust or other forms of corrosion. If you are wondering about fleet detailing and how to get the best clean possible check out this handy guide.

A clean fleet commands the respect that your employees deserve. These 5 tips for squeaky clean fleet washing will get your vehicles sparkling and ready for service. 

1. Set Up a Fleet Washing Schedule

You should create a routine for your fleet washing. Sticking to a schedule will ensure that your vehicles get washed regularly. You can incorporate your fleet truck washing into their regular maintenance routine.

It is best to wash your fleet before getting it serviced. By washing your fleet in advance you can identify damages better than when they are dirty. If you see damages before your servicing you can take care of them quicker.

2. Stagger Your Fleet Washing

If you wash all of your fleet vehicles at the same time then your entire fleet will be out of service. This leaves you no vehicles to conduct vital business or operations with.

Break your fleet up into groups and wash them at different times. Some vehicles may be in the field more so you can wash them at multiple intervals. Others may only need to be washed when the rest of their group is.

3. Find a Fleet Cleaning Service

Rather than pay personnel to wash your fleet, it is a much better option to hire a professional fleet cleaning service. Using your employees to clean will take them away from their other important duties.

Not only that but they are not as well-trained to clean as professional detailing service. You will be spending more for an inferior job by attempting to handle your fleet cleaning in-house.

4. Log Everything

You should record anything that has to do with the maintenance and cleaning of your fleet vehicles. Doing so promotes accountability and gives you records that you can analyze if any problems come up.

You can also use your records to substantiate tax write-offs for your fleet maintenance. This is a particularly good way to ensure that your business gets all of the benefits it is entitled to.

5. Standardize Your Fleet Washing

Everything about your fleet washing should be standardized to maximize accountability and efficiency. Take your fleet to the same cleaning service every time. Make sure they use the same methodology and products each time too.

If you wash your fleet the same way every time this will eliminate the potential for accidents or mix-ups to happen. If you wash your fleet yourself make sure to standardize the way you wash it to avoid any discrepancies as well.

Keep Your Fleet Looking Good

Keeping your fleet shiny and new-looking will help your organization look professional. Your best bet is to seek out a professional for your fleet washing needs to ensure it gets done right.

If you need one of the best fleet cleaning services around make sure to contact us today. We can handle your fleet no matter how big or small it may be. Let us handle your fleet washing so you can get back to business.