Want to keep your boat looking shiny and protected for as long as possible? 

Then ceramic coating for boats is the answer! 

Getting your boat professionally coated is the best way of protecting against wear and tear caused by the elements. It will also save you time when cleaning and maintaining your boat, and who doesn’t want that?! 

Keep reading for a fast round-up of what ceramic coating is, the benefits, and what the process is for getting it done.

What Is Ceramic Coating for Boats and Why Should You Use It?

Using ceramic coating (sometimes known as a marine coating or boat gel coat) has many benefits compared with traditionally used buffers such as waxes and sealants. Ceramic coating is much higher performing as it fully protects your boat from UV rays and saltwater.

Ceramic coating is a liquid polymer and so when it dries and hardens it creates an impenetrable layer that bonds to the surface of your boat. This is beneficial because it makes your boat more durable, easier to clean and it protects your paintwork. 

There is no doubt about it, boats are an expensive investment! Having a ceramic coating could end up saving you money in the long term. As it creates a more smooth surface, this can help to reduce drag whilst on the water, helping you to achieve greater fuel efficiency.

The Ceramic Coating Process

All this sounds great, but what is the process of getting a boat gel coat? 

Firstly, your chosen detailing company will thoroughly check the outside of the boat for any damage, either to the body of the boat or to the paintwork. This way they can identify areas where they will need to take extra care. 

They will then wash your boat, making sure that there is a fully clean surface prepared for the ceramic coating. This means that they will remove any wax or oil previously used, as this could prevent the coating from bonding to the boat properly. 

They will then hand coat your entire exterior with the gel and leave it to dry for the optimum amount of time in a clean, dust-free environment. 

Making Your Coating Last

When you have had your boat ceramically coated, then there are some simple tips to follow to make it last as long as possible

Don’t use any harsh chemicals when cleaning at home. This will erode your coating more quickly! However, regular cleaning and maintenance are recommended to keep off any debris that you might pick up whilst on the water.

Rinsing your boat with clean water after it has been out, especially if you were in saltwater, will help protect the ceramic layer. 

Protect Your Pride and Joy

Getting a ceramic coat for your boat is a great investment and there are so many benefits including saving you money over time!  

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