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Franklin, Tennessee is well known for its historic downtown and affluent neighborhoods. Another well-known fact about the city of Franklin is that is hosts one of the region’s best Cars and Coffee. Every first Saturday of the month, you can find car enthusiasts showcasing their prized possessions to the masses. Discussions fill the event with conversations over interiors, exteriors, motors, and everything in between. Before you plan on taking your beautiful ride to show off to the other car fanatics, contact us to give your car a full-service detail or ceramic coating so that you can proudly flaunt a crisp, clean ride.

We provide professional mobile detailing services to the entire Franklin, TN area. We specialize in high-end paint correction and ceramic coating applications. Our professional grade ceramic coating installations will leave your vehicle looking brand new and flawless. For the best nano ceramic coatings in Franklin, TN, contact us now!

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Our Mobile Detailing Services and How It Works

Whether you fall into the category of the car enthusiast or just want a fresh look for when you drive around town, our Franklin car detailing services can help you achieve just that. We offer packages that suit the everyday commuter, the business mogul, and the auto nut. Our process starts with the very first conversation. When you call into our office for information about our detailing services, we’ll ask some questions about the condition of your vehicle along with what you are looking to have done to it. This gives a better understanding of what your needs are so that we can provide you with the best recommendation package wise and the best services when we arrive on site.

Our Franklin car detailing services are just completely mobile. We bring our expertise and high-quality equipment to wherever you are so that our services don’t inconvenience your hectic life schedule. Enjoy your lazy Sunday afternoon off work while also getting a full detail done to your vehicle and wake up Monday morning ready to showcase it on your commute to the office. If that doesn’t suit your schedule, have us come out while you are working hard at the office. We come to wherever our customers need us because, at Detail Time, we work to achieve outstanding customer satisfaction every time.

Consider Our Paint Corrections Services

Over time, your vehicle will take a hefty amount of wear and tear not only mechanically but also externally. Our 2-3 step compound and polish will not only restore your paint to its original glory, but it will also be protected from future damage. 

Your car takes a beating every time you put it on the road. Rocks, debris, nature, etc. all beat down on your car every day and cause imperfections to the paint job. Our battle-tested paint correction services have proven that they cannot only repair your paint job and restore it but also protect it from anything the roads throw at it. 

Detail Time is locally recognized as the region’s top detailing service company. We serve a plethora of cities in and around Nashville, such as Franklin, Brentwood, Belle Meade, Green Hills, and many more. We make our detailing services convenient for every person because we are firm believers that everyone should enjoy the luxury of a fresh, detailed vehicle. 

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Our Philosophy

We believe that our detailing services don’t just improve your car’s look but also your mentality while driving it. After we complete a detail for every customer, we know that they aren’t getting the same vehicle they left with us. When they step into their freshly detailed automobile, they are essentially walking into a brand new car. Yes, in reality it will be the same car, but to each customer, driving it after receiving our detailing services will feel like they just took it out of the showroom. 

With all this being said, Detail Time provides everything you need before you bring out your prized possession to the next Cars and Coffee event. We will ensure that it will look glorious and that you will want everyone to know how it got that way. 

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