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Auto and Boat Detailing in Hendersonville, TN

Known as “The City by the Lake,” Hendersonville has seen a tremendous amount of growth linked to the influx of transients moving into Nashville. Being located right on Old Hickory Lake, Hendersonville is widely known for summers spent on a boat in the middle of the lake. 

Don’t think that just because so much time is spent on the water that people don’t take care of their cars. Hendersonville is no stranger to the roads being full of high-end vehicles and owners that take great pride in them. Whether you are looking to showcase your boat on the lake, your car on the road, or both, Detail Time has just the services and experience you need to elevate your game. 

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Our Experience in Boat Detailing

When you mention detailing services, most people’s brains go straight to cars. Although this is the primary avenue for detailing services, boat detailing is a highly underrated service that can provide a lot of value to your boat. Gtechniq produces some of the most notable and industry-leading products in ceramic coatings. These products are used to keep your boat polished and protected from the harsh elements. As a Gtechniq partner, Detail Time now offers Marine Ceramic Coatings using their product line to give our customers premium service for every detail. Don’t believe us? Take a look at some of the previous work where we were able to bring these boats back to life. 

We recently have had the privilege to work on one of Mercury Racing’s boats, and it came out absolutely stunning after our expert detailers were finished with it. Our experience in working with some of the biggest names in the boating industry are what sets us apart as expert detailers. If names like Mercury Racing are confident in our abilities, why wouldn’t you be?

Trust and Dedication Drive Us

One thing we have come to realize here at Detail Time is that our community and customers trust us in every detail. Our crews are equipped with expert detailers and high-quality equipment to complete every detail. Every project is approached with a dedication to producing a breathtaking new look for your car or boat. We take no shortcuts in our detailing services and only call a job done when we have reached excellence. 

Customer satisfaction is of the highest importance to what we do at Detail Time. We know that what you drive around in on the road and the lake is something you take pride in, and we want you to take pride in saying you had your detail done by us! This is why we shoot for perfection in every detail job. 

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Why You Need a Professional Detailing Service

At Detail Time, we recognize that many people take on the task of detailing their own vehicle or boat as a DIY. We realize that for many, this can be therapeutic and their escape from many other things, but we also know that like many DIYs, you will not receive the same result as if a professional put their hands on it. This difference in results breaks down to having the proper equipment. Most of the time, a DIY detail will not include a high-quality buffer to erase any imperfections and polish the entire surface. We not only have the right set of tools for any detail, but we also know every trick of the trade to get a thorough detail. 

We love what we do, and we do it well. We look forward to seeing every customer’s enormous smile on their face at the end of every detail when they get to gaze their eyes on their new and pristine vehicle or boat. As we said, customer satisfaction is our top priority. 

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