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So, you have found yourself in the heart of Music City. Nashville is one of the nation’s most up and coming metropolitan areas with thousands of people relocating here every day. Not only is this city becoming more known for its nightlife and sports teams but also it’s lifestyle. As Nashville has continued to grow, we have seen an influx of high-end cars cruising down the street. With the city lying on the Cumberland River, boating has become just another staple of the Nashville lifestyle. 

Detail Time proudly offers a full range of auto and boat services to have them look flawless when you are on the road or river. We are honored that we have the opportunity to serve Nashville and it’s surrounding cities with keeping the cars and boats in it looking phenomenal. 

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What Can Detail Time Do for My Vehicle?

If we were to answer this simply, everything, our detailing services cover every nook and cranny of your automobile to ensure it reaches perfection by the time we are done. Our packages range from a basic detail that will refresh the feeling of your car to our super deluxe package that includes all the bells and whistles. After our expert detailers get a good understanding of your vehicle and it’s needs, we can recommend a package that fits perfectly. 

Our auto detailing services are not just for the looks; they also serve very functional purposes that will help keep your car in prime condition even through the daily wear and tear on your vehicle. Take, for example, our One Step Polish/Seal treatment. This service is sold as an add-on to any detailing package that will remove most fine scratches that come from daily driving and bring out the color of your car’s paint. By using a high-speed buffer and all-in-one wax and polish solution, we can protect your vehicle’s paint for up to six months. Check out our full list of auto/car services here!

Boat Detailing Services to Keep You Shining

Like our auto services, we offer a range of packages that can give your boat a breath of fresh life. Marine detailing requires a unique set of products and services to accomplish the perfection we demand out of each detail. Let us use our knowledge and experience to serve you and your boat!

We are happy to announce that by partnering with Gtechniq, Detail Time now offers a premium line of Marine Ceramic Coatings to protect your boat from harsh elements and UV damage. These industry-leading products will keep your boat from acquiring any damage that the river may bring and will keep it shining in the Tennessee sun. For more information on Marine Ceramic Coatings, contact our office for a full range of services we can provide to your boat.

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What Sets Us Apart From the Competition

Our team is backed by years of detailing experience and boatloads of knowledge to get your vehicle or boat to meet your needs. We are experts in every aspect of detailing and utilize only high-quality products for every service. Our attention to even the smallest details is what makes the difference in our detailing services. We have created a mindset at Detail Time that if something doesn’t look absolutely perfect, then the detail is not complete. 

We approach each detail as if it were being done on our own vehicle or boat so that you can be comfortable leaving yours in our hands. We recognize that you are leaving your trophies in our abilities, which is why we guarantee every detail is treated with the utmost care for your property. 

Now that you have some insight as to who we are at Detail Time, you can confidently trust that our mobile detailing services will leave you with a trophy you are going to want to flaunt around beautiful Nashville. Give our office a call, and let’s get started!

Why Choose Detail Time?

Whether you are driving a brand-new model or a companion that you have loved for many years, you are proud to be driving that car. It is a milestone you have worked towards and something that you will always want to look good. We know that it can be difficult when you have a busy life schedule and are hard at work to wait at a car detailing shop. Instead of going through the hassle of trying to fit a detail into your schedule, rely on the mobile detailing services at Detail Time to restore your car’s appearance. 

Our expert detailers and equipment come directly to your home, work, or wherever your car may be to get the job done. We’ve created a process that allows every service we offer to be done exactly where our customers are located. We mean it when we say that customer satisfaction is our top priority, and that is why we bring our services directly to you. At the end of every detail, our expert team will spend time going over the items in the detail and ensure that everything is up to your standards. We don’t leave any job unfinished, and before we leave the site, you will have a perfect car to sport around Belle Meade.

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