Have you heard of the Clean Boating Act? The CBA’s purpose is to reduce chemical discharges from recreational vehicle owners.

In other words, your operations and boat cleaning processes can even become affected by federal law!

Boat cleaning can become a surprisingly frustrating experience for novice owners anyway. Even the most diligent and well-informed individuals can cause irreparable damage to their watercraft accidentally. Continue reading to the end of this article to find out what embarrassing mistakes you don’t want to make in the future. 

Forgetting to Rinse

Before you roll up your sleeves and start scrubbing, you want to rinse your ship thoroughly. While it’s in the water, any craft can attract debris or dirt that may scratch surfaces during a clear coat. Even small amounts of flotsam and jetsam can cause damage while you’re working, making this one of the detailing tips all boat owners should know. 

Forgetting to Cover the Boat in Storage

One of the most common boat cleaning mistakes is failing to follow through after your hard work.

Some of us may become fortunate enough to use a vessel year-round, but most enthusiasts need storage. Whether you keep it outside or inside, simply using a cover can save a significant amount of heartache.

Allowing the Boat to Air Dry

It’s natural to feel like you can allow a boat to dry by itself, but don’t do this. Out of several embarrassing mistakes, this one can lead to an obvious consequence. 

If you fail to wipe the watercraft down with a shammy or microfiber cloth, you can wind up with white specks. These appear across the surface because the water leaves minerals behind on the surface, especially while boating in Tennessee. If you want a smooth finish, follow the proper boat cleaning procedure and dry everything yourself. 

Forgetting the Upholstery

One of the most popular misconceptions is that you don’t need to do much work to maintain the upholstery. 

In some cases, you may wind up finding mildew on the surfaces. If you find this problem, find a marine-grade product that won’t ruin the cushions. A standard mildew remover may work fine, but you’ll want to dig into some reviews first before jumping into boat detailing yourself. 

Wrong Cleaning Materials

It’s tempting to believe that cleaning a boat is like caring for your car, but it does need specialized products. The process remains similar, but take the time to find the following:

  • Long-handled brushes (soft and stiff)
  • Paint-friendly soap
  • Boat sealant or wax
  • Chrome polish

The last item is especially crucial for giving the steel parts a brilliant shine without damaging the craft. Using more traditional products like detergents or glass cleaners can cause rusting.

What Comes After Boat Cleaning 101?

Even while avoiding these boat cleaning mistakes, you can find yourself asking more questions. When you feel less than confident about your time or ability to do a solid job, it might be time to leave this task to experts. 

If you’re ready to take the next step to guarantee that your watercraft is cared for properly, get a quote today and give us a call at 615-474-6779!