Owning a boat can cost you thousands of dollars. On top of the initial purchase cost, you have to buy things such as insurance, winter storage, a trailer, and registration fees. You can expect to pay a lot more if you opt for something like a yacht, as you’ll need to rent a space at a marina.

One investment that can save you money is boat detailing. This involves maintaining and protecting your boat through a wash and wax.

But how often do you need to perform boat maintenance, and how do you make the results last longer?

Detailing Different Types of Boats

First of all, how often you need to detail your boat will depend on its type and size.

Something like a sailboat should be detailed once per month during the summer and once for the entire winter. However, you may need to do it once a month if you use your boat frequently.

Meanwhile, something like a yacht requires much less detailing than smaller boats. If used often, you can go up to three months without detailing. Less frequent use means you can do it every six months.

Generally speaking, larger boats will require more work due to their size.

Boat Detailing Factors and Considerations

There are many reasons to get your boat detailed. Not only does it help your boat last longer, but it can actually help boost its performance as well.

If you use your boat often, then it’ll gather a lot of dirt and grime from your travels. This dirt may result in impediments that can create extra drag. In turn, you’ll have to use more fuel.

Your boat will need a protective wax coating if you live in a sunny environment. Too much sun exposure can lead to unsightly color fading.

Keep in mind that more time on the water means more time spent cleaning a boat.

Protecting Your Boat Between Detailing

Owning a boat means taking care of it even when you’re not actively using it.

One way to protect your boat between detailing is to use a quality wax. Boat waxes help to give your boat a long-lasting finish and protect it from minor damages.

Keeping your boat covered can help protect it from bird droppings and hail. However, you’ll still need to watch out for spiders and other insects.

Finally, regular exposure to salt water can cause damage if you don’t rinse it off. The salt water will eventually etch into your windows and cause pitting on your boat.

Take Care of Your Investment

Boat detailing is about more than making it look good on the water. The right waxes can help protect your boat’s exterior and even make it perform better. Be sure to get it detailed around once a month if you use it frequently.

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