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Ceramic Coatings

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We are proud to offer GTECHNIQ Ceramic Coatings protection products.

We strive to be Nashville’s #1 leading ceramic coatings installer!

As a professional detailer we carefully selected GTECHNIQ products to use for our client installations as they have some of the industry leading ceramic coating products available to the detailing industry. We specialize in auto and marine ceramic coating applications. Our ceramic coating installs will make your vehicle easier to maintain than it ever has been. Are you searching for the “best ceramic coating near me”? Detail Time is devoted to provide Nashville, Franklin, Brentwood, Mt. Juliet and surrounding areas the best Ceramic coating available!

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Ceramic Coatings Pricing Packages

Ceramic coating is one of the best protections available for long term protection and durability. A ceramic coating is a multi-layer clear liquid that turns to a permanently hardened surface once bonded with the clear coat. This surface can be described as an additional clear coat that adds a ton of clarity, depth, and protection to the paint. This coating will repel water and contaminants making maintaining your vehicle much easier. It is the most durable paint protection product available in the auto detailing industry and MUST be applied by professionals. Gtechniq coatings will protect the vehicle’s interior and exterior from deterioration for the long term. Overall a ceramic coating will increase the value of the vehicle and provide long term protection to maintain the condition of it. Ceramic coating will provide the vehicle protection from most scratches and swirl marks, dirt and contaminants, sun damage and oxidation, and much more. For the best ceramic coating services and packages in Nashville, TN contact us now!

We have packages to meet the desired protection levels and budgets for all our customers.

We highly recommend getting some level of paint correction performed on your vehicle before protecting it with one of our ceramic coating packages. Please see paint correction tab for more information on levels of correction.



(and up)

  • Up to 6 Months of Protection

  • Exterior Detail

  • Clay Bar

  • Application of C2 Liquid Crystal



(and up)

  • Up to 2 Years of Protection

  • Exterior Detail & Decon
  • Clay Bar

  • Light polish for mild defects (may require additional correction)
  • 2 Layers of GTECHNIQ Exo On All Paint Surfaces



(and up)

  • Up to 5 Years of Protection

  • Exterior Detail & Decon
  • Clay Bar

  • Light polish for mild defects (may require additional correction)
  • 1 Layer of GTECHNIQ Crystal Serum Light On All Paint Surfaces and Lights


(and up)

  • Up to 5 years of Protection

  • Exterior Detail & Decon
  • Clay Bar

  • Light polish for mild defects (may require additional correction)

  • 1 layer of GTECHNIQ Crystal Serum Light On All Paint Surfaces

  • Topped With 2 Layers of Gtechniq EXO for Added Slickness and Dirt Repellent

  • Wheel Faces coated with 2 year Gtechniq wheel ceramic coating

  • Gtechniq ceramic glass coating on windshield

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About Ceramic Coatings & GTECHNIQ
How do I know which package is for me?2020-07-09T19:40:41-05:00

Determining what ceramic coating package is right for you is based on a couple of things. One being, what is your desired level of protection and what parts of the vehicle are you wanting coated and protected? The second thing being is overall what is your budget? We have various different levels of coatings all ranging in pricing and also ranging in what level of paint correction would be needed for that coating.

How long does the process take?2020-07-09T19:41:03-05:00

The process can take a couple of hours for the basic 6 month protection depending on what type of detailing package and correction is done before hand to several days. The 2-5 year packages will require curing times up to 12+ hrs indoors. The overall application itself can take several hours for even a small vehicle and the paint correction process prior to the coating can take several hours to a couple days before coating is applied. Most coatings about the 6 month package will require the vehicle to be left at our shop.

Can GTECHNIQ be applied over other coatings?2020-07-09T19:41:29-05:00

If a vehicle is already coated and you have us service your vehicle we recommend allowing us to treat and maintain your coating that is on the vehicle if it has been done and maintained correctly in the past. Ceramic coating applications require the vehicle’s paint to be in excellent condition and stripped of any other waxes or coatings prior to new application. We have a product called Halo that can be applied over PPF and clear bras to add lasting long term protection.

How do I care for my car after a ceramic coating?2020-07-09T19:41:58-05:00

We recommend you continue to get on our regular wash maintenance schedule so that one of our professional detailers can do the proper maintenance and washing methods to keep the longevity of the coating. Gtechniq has specific products available to us to continuously keep your coating in excellent condition.

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