There are 30 thousand car washes in the United States. While they provide convenience, they don’t do a detailed job when washing your car. They certainly don’t touch the interior of your car either!

For that reason, you may be considering working with auto detailers to get your car spotless. It’s a much better choice than doing it yourself.

Are you wondering why choosing to go the professional detailing route is a great choice? We’ll cover it all by going over some common amateur mistakes in this article!

Know Your Tools

When it comes to washing the exterior of your car, you need to know what you’re doing. If you don’t you can risk scratching your paint or damaging your car.

Many turn to using tools like sponges to lather the soap on the exterior of the car, but you may be surprised to find out that this is one quick way to scratch your car. This is due to the sponge picking up dirt and dragging it along the paint as your scrub.

Professional auto detailing services use tools such as pressure washers and microfiber cloths to get the job done without damage. Pressure washers can help rid the car of debris and microfiber is extremely gentle on the paint.

Saving the Tires for Last

Your tires are always making contact with dirt and grime, and washing them last can mess up your clean car. When washing the tires last, the dirt can splash up onto your hard work and risk scratching your paint.

To combat this you can wash the tires first, then work on the rest of the car. You’ll be able to clean up the tires and then take care of the body without worrying that you’ll get dirt on the paint again.

Stay Out of the Sun

You may want to save your detailing for a sunny day, but this can actually be a mistake. No one wants to have streaks on their car after they’ve worked hard to make it spotless.

For this reason, it’s much better to have it somewhere in the shade and out of the sun while washing it.

Auto detail shops typically have indoor spaces to wash cars to keep them looking spotless. This will keep the car out of the sunlight and ensure a spotless finish.

Easy On the Wax

Wax is a beautiful way to finish a car, but you need to have the proper technique for it to be effective. This means that you should never put wax directly onto a car.

Instead, pour it onto your applicator, then apply it to the car. This will eliminate any marks that could be left behind.

Choose Auto Detailers For a Flawless Look

There are many mistakes to avoid when detailing your car. You can avoid the headache of accidentally scratching your paint or leaving marks behind by choosing to go with auto detailers. They have the expertise to get it done right.

At Detail Time, we’re committed to helping your drive out of our shops with a spotless, beautiful car. If you’re looking for auto detail shops in Nashville, get a quote from us today!