Did you know we’ve been driving cars for well over a hundred years? One thing hasn’t changed in all that time: the pride we feel in the set of wheels that we own. If you’re proud of your car, then you want it to look its very best. That’s where car detailing comes in.

Read on as we take a look at what you need to know about car detailing.

What Is Car Detailing?

People often confuse car detailing with just getting your car washed, but there’s a big difference.

It is about making your car look as good as it possibly can. That means getting the very best look for every surface of your car, from the bodywork to the interior trim.

In short, it is the equivalent of having a full makeover; you want every part to be looking perfect.

Interior Detailing

Some people might just get the exterior of their car detailed, but the interior is just as important. The exterior of your car can look perfect, but when you’re driving, you can’t see the outside of your car. That’s why you want the interior to be a spotless as your exterior is.

Interior car detailing can include a number of processes, including the following:

  • vacuuming throughout the car
  • scrubbing and steam-cleaning carpets and mats
  • cleaning and conditioning leather
  • polishing dashboards and windows
  • deodorizing

The intent is to get your interior of your car back to that feeling you first had in the showroom, including that new car smell. Since there are more surfaces, materials, nooks and crannies inside your car than out, interior detailing tends to be more time-consuming that exterior detailing.


If the interior of your car looks amazing then you want the exterior to match. Exterior detailing is all about making your car gleam.

The services you might expect from mobile detailing in Nashville can include:

  • high-powered spray
  • hand washing of rims and glass
  • claying to remove any contamination on the bodywork
  • drying
  • polishing
  • glazing
  • waxing
  • tire dressing

As you might expect, the biggest area of focus when detailing the exterior of a car is the body work, since this is the largest part of your car. After an initial wash, a clay bar is used to remove any deeply embedded dirt. Only once all of the dirt is removed does the process move on to to polishing and waxing.

Tires are also an important area to work on; tire dressing can have a big impact on the look of your car.

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