Do you love your car enough to get a car detail? Do you worry about driving that shiny car immediately after it leaves the detailer?

Don’t worry. There are a few simple things you can do that will help your car detail maintain a shiny car for longer.

Looking after your car in between details will save you money and still let you show off that detail to the world. Read on to learn about three things that will extend that shine!

1. Don’t Put Your Car Through a Car Wash After a Car Detail

If you have gone to the trouble and expense of getting a professional car detail on your pride and joy, the last thing you should do is wash it! Sounds sort of contradictory doesn’t it? The problem is that commercial car washes are abrasive and only care about getting dirt off the surface.

The commercial car wash doesn’t care that you had your car detailed. The big roller brushes or high-powered sprays in them are effective in removing dirt but will quickly damage the shine and luster of your car detail.

When you need to wash your car before your next detail, wash it by hand and be gentle.

2. Use High-Quality Products When You Hand Wash Your Car 

Don’t go cheap on the products you use to hand wash your car. The best thing you can do is ask your car detailer to recommend products that they think make your car shiny but don’t damage the detail.

Rather than reaching for dish soap or cheap car detergent, look for washing products that won’t strip the clear coat as quickly. Use good-quality and soft microfiber cloths to wash and dry your car.

Choose a good wax to add after the washing. This will preserve the shine and clear coat longer.

3. Keep Your Car Waxed

Car wax does help you maintain a shiny car after your car detail. For that best car shine, use the wax recommended by your car detailer.

You should add wax to your every three to four months. Don’t be cheap when it comes to wax. There is a big difference.

Wax protects your car because it is a barrier against the elements. Not only does it help your car shine, but it also stops water and anything else that hits your car from sticking and leaving marks. A good wax also maintains the clear coat your car detailer added for longer.

Preserve Your Car Detail for Longer

A car detail is one of the best things you can do for your car. You’ll have a truly clean car inside and out. It will also be protected from day-to-day wear.

But getting a car detail every few months can get expensive quickly. So, trying to increase the longevity of each car detail is smart.

As you can see, these three tips will help you preserve the shine of your car detail for longer. Make sure you hand wash your car and use good products when you do. And keep it waxed!

For more information about a car detail check out our website. Call or email us to get a quote on your next detail. Our experts will help you get the best car shine you can imagine.