Taking time and care over cleaning your boat will not only keep it looking good but also will keep it in better shape for longer. 

However, cleaning it yourself could take a long time and you might not have the equipment to do a good job yourself.

Taking advantage of local boat cleaning services could be a much faster, more affordable option! Read on for a quick guide to mobile boat detailing and how much you might expect to pay to have it done by experts!

What are Boat Cleaning Services and What Do They Cost?

Hiring professionals to detail your boat is a worthwhile investment. Whether you are looking to help with the upkeep of the boat, or you are thinking about selling it, they can help! A quality boat detail may even add value to your vessel! 

There are two types of detailing available for boats and other watercraft – interior and exterior. 

Exterior detailing is important because it will help to prevent any damage to the outside of your boat. A detailing company might check the hull for any damage, apply wax and/or sealant and remove any oxidation. 

Detailing companies check for wear and tear, clean boat seats, polish the glass, remove mildew, and clean the floors. Most detailing companies will also provide boat trailer cleaning services.

Boat detailing costs will vary depending on the size, type, and condition of your vessel. Many companies will charge by the length of your boat in feet, so make sure you know this information when requesting quotes. 

Prices for a basic topside interior clean start at $10 to $40 per foot, with more premium services costing from $15 to $50 per foot. Specialist cleaning services like oxidation, rust or barnacle removal will cost more in the range of $20 to $75 dollars per foot. 

How Can I Find The Best Boat Cleaning Service?

Finding a boat cleaning service that delivers both great customer service and a quality finish is very important. You need to trust that the business is going to take a lot of care with your boat and that you will have long-lasting satisfaction with the results. 

Reading reviews online is a good way to find out how other people would rate their experience. Getting recommendations through word of mouth is also great, maybe through a local boat club.

If there is a specific problem with your boat that you’d like to fix, then finding a company that specializes in that type of cleaning makes sure you’ll get the best results. Check potential companies’ web pages to see what services they offer.

A Clean Dream!

Taking care of your boat is very important, and investing in keeping it well maintained is the secret to many years of boat happiness and enjoyment!  

If you are considering getting your boat detailed then Detail Time is ready to make it squeaky clean! With over 15 years of boat cleaning services experience, they are not only passionate about providing excellent customer service but also delivering great accessible mobile detailing care to the Nashville area

To get a quote on your next expert boat detail, then get in touch today for more information!