Did you know that boat sales have reached an all-time high in twelve years and that this trend is expected to continue? It’s no secret that boating is a popular activity, and more and more people are joining the legions of boat owners in this country. But boat ownership comes with a great responsibility to care for the boat.

Are you a boating newbie? If so, it’s important to know when to clean a boat and to create a regular maintenance schedule. Check out this guide to help you learn how to keep your boat in great shape by understanding your boat’s cleaning needs.

Factors That Influence Cleaning

When considering how often you should clean your boat, there are a few factors to think about, like where you are moored and if it is in salt or freshwater. Depending on where it’s located and how warm the water is there will affect how much build-up will accrue on your hull, and on the boat overall. Another question to ask yourself is often you use your boat, and how fast do you go when you take it out since that frequency and wear and tear will add up and influence the cleaning needs.

How Often Should You Clean a Boat?

It’s important to learn how to clean a boat the right way, both inside and out, from the equipment to the upholstery. In general, a boat should be cleaned every couple of weeks but if your boat sees a lot of action or accumulates bird droppings, bugs, and other dirt and debris it should be done more. You don’t want to let any of that sit on your boat for too long since it could stain or cause corrosion and long-term damage.

How To Maintain a Boat

There are many things that go into boat maintenance, so it’s a good idea to learn all of the steps. There’s more to it than just cleaning a boat–the process also involves waxing and buffing a boat. Get into a regular routine of cleanings in order to make it a habit, or get the help of professionals.

Boat Detailing

Finally, don’t forget about boat detailing, which takes the cleaning process one step further. Boat detailing is important because it helps protect your boat from damaging UV rays. Plus, it will help keep your boat in good shape, which not only increases its performance but also protects your investment.

Ready To Clean Your Boat?

Now that you’ve learned about how often you should clean a boat, you can be proactive. Remember, there is no magic number of cleanings that applies to all boats. Instead, you must take a variety of factors into account in order to find the best frequency for cleaning in order to keep it in tip-top shape.

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