Having trouble finding the right boat detailer? Well, you’re not alone. An estimated 100 million Americans from various financial backgrounds and walks of life go boating every year.

At some point, they need to get the detail and they need to know just where to find the right boat detailer.

If you’re new to boating or you’re just not sure where to get started, there are a few pointers you should know. 

Learn the Signs of a Good Boat Detailer

A valid detailing business license or permit is a critical sign of a good boat detailer. These licenses and permits expire after a period of time depending on state regulations, so be sure to verify the dates on these materials. 

If you’re just wondering where to look for a good boat detailer in your area, review sites like Yelp are good places to start. Detailers should have a record of positive, accessible customer service, and quality reviews.

You can also check comparison sites like ConsumerAffairs to ensure the detailing prices aren’t inflated for certain basic services. 

Boat detailing prices typically depend on your boat’s square footage. Good detailers typically let offer a free quote to help you 

Note that traditional detailing services tend to have pricier services than mobile boat detailing.

Choose Your Materials

Finding the right service also means identifying which detailers have the materials that you personally prefer.

What kind of marine coatings do they offer? Do they provide options such as semi-gloss and high-gloss? You may also want extra features like anti-fog, anti-reflection, or UV resistance in your coatings. 

Check Quality Services for Exterior Detailing 

Cleaning the outside of the boat mostly involves a basic wash, oxidation removal, and luster restoration. Look for pros specify services for each cleaning phase and don’t include harsh materials in any of these phases. Rough materials like bleach can strip your boat of its color and luster. 

Instead, look for detailers that use marine gelcoat. Generally, gelcoat produces a smooth finish. If your boat has lost its mirror-like, reflective quality, you most likely need your gelcoat finish restored. 

You should also look for experts that choose environmentally friendly soaps. These materials typically have a low sud-producing quality. 

Check Quality Services for Interior Detailing

With interior detailing you’ll want a pro that can clean the softer materials on boat seats and the metal components like the railings.

Some detailers specifically offer seat conditioning, which preserves more delicate seat materials like leather. 

For glass and metal railings, detailers should use materials like microfiber mitts. They attract hardened salt or dust without scratching surfaces, and they’re also used for gentle exterior detailing. 

Your boat may have mildew on the interior, so look for pros who specify mildew removal as a part of their services. 

Find Your Boat Detailer Today

There’s a lot to consider when you’re searching for the right boat detailer, so it’s helpful to make a list of the specific features you want.

Afterward, you should request a quote for the services you want and compare your notes with each detailer you find. 

If you’re in the Nashville area, you can see if DetailTime is the right service for you.

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