It doesn’t matter if you go off-roading or only drive on concrete, every car needs a deep clean from time to time. Your RV and boat accumulate dirt and grime when stored away for half the year. They need cleaning too!

The salt from the winter and the dirt from the summer do their damage throughout the year. Getting a car wash is good, but sometimes it’s just not enough.

This guide will help you decide what the best auto detailing option is for you. You don’t have to be an expert to have all your automobiles look spotless inside and out.

Delux Plus Auto Detail

Without considering any other factors, the deluxe plus is one of the top auto detailing choices.

Your car exterior is hand washed and dried. The wheels, tires, and fenders wells are cleaned and detailed. The floors and mats of the interior are shampooed and the seats are spot cleaned.

For a car, it will cost $199 and take somewhere between 2-3 hours. It’s a great treatment that’s worth the cost.

Interior and Exterior

A quick way to clean the interior and exterior of your car is to go to the local car wash. You drive through and ignore the spots you missed, then vacuum the interior yourself.

Don’t confuse that with car detailing of the interior and exterior.

A car detail includes a complete cleaning of the exterior. There will be no more missed spots! It also includes window cleaning, vacuuming, and a dusting of the interior.

Most places also vacuum and treat the leather or vinyl. The treatment is often finished with hand-buffed cream wax.

RV Auto Detail

A full detail exterior of an RV will cost around $25 per foot. This detail covers a full cleaning of the wheels and tires.

As part of the package, the rest of the exterior is hand washed. It also includes buffing the exterior and waxing it with sealant.

Boat Auto Detail

When it comes to detailing your boat you can do only the interior, only the exterior, or both. Interior only will cost around $25 per foot. Exterior-only will be about $35 per foot. The full package is about $40 per foot.

If you chose the package, the mildew will be removed from the interior and the floors and seats are cleaned. The exterior will be buffed and waxed. There are a wide variety of other services provided.

Ceramic Coating

As a final touch to mobile detailing you should try a ceramic coating at least once. This isn’t something you need to do all the time. It’s more like a finishing touch.

Get the Best Auto Detailing Service Today

The best auto detailing service is the one that suits your needs. It gives you the best price for the necessary work and sometimes a little extra coating makes everything look new again.

Your boat, RV, or car could all use a good scrubbing every once in a while. Part of making sure they last as long as possible is keeping them clean.

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