Used car prices are going up fast. They currently average almost $30,000, up 29% from last year. New cars average over $46,000. Do you want to increase your car’s resell value? Do you want to drive a shiny car but can’t afford the high sticker price for new vehicles? Fortunately, there’s a solution to both. Detailers can use paint correction to make your car look beautifully brand new.

Learn all about this sharp car detailing strategy in our paint correction guide.

Why Use Paint Correction?

You can take great care of your car’s exterior, but grime and scratches are inevitable. You may also have to worry about marring, watermarks, and other paint defects.

Your car can remain dingy and dinged up even with the best washing and waxing. Paint correction can restore your car without using the time and money it takes to repaint the entire coat.

The Paint Correction Process

Paint correction works differently from the repainting process. Repainting a car means stripping the old paint and applying a new coat.

By contrast, paint correction is a more advanced form of auto detailing. The paint correction process has four main steps:

  1. Thorough cleaning
  2. Clearcoat leveling
  3. Polishing and waxing
  4. Resealing

The process is relatively straightforward but takes careful attention and experience. Detailers use special tools and techniques for a highly advanced polishing treatment. DIY kits are available, but won’t have the same long-lasting and pristine results as a shop job.

Paint Correction Benefits

A skilled paint correction job comes with many benefits. Whether you want to add value to your car or simply brighten up the exterior, paint correction is worth the investment.

Cheaper and Faster Than Repainting

Repainting a car can cost around $3,500 for a high-quality service, according to Car and Driver. It can also take anywhere between a few days to a few weeks to complete.

By contrast, high-quality paint correction can cost only around $400-$700. And it can be completed in just a few hours or a couple of days, depending on the level of work needed.

Restore a Beautiful Shine

Auto detailing is a great way to keep your car clean and fresh. And if you love the buff shine from car waxing and polishing, you’ll love the showroom gleam you get from paint correction.

Paint correction removes the paint defects that even waxing and polishing can’t reach. It goes beyond the surface of the clear coat where defects lurk, before applying its advanced polishing techniques.

Increases Car Paint Durability

Paint correction also increases the durability of your car’s paint. It removes clear coat defects that can eventually penetrate down to your car’s metal, causing rust and corrosion.

It also reapplies high-quality sealants that protect your car paint from the elements. Any imperfections that previously allowed in heat, moisture, and dirt are smoothed away.

Increases Car Resale Value

Even light body damage like scratches can lower a car’s resale value by 10%-15%, according to This means you can easily recoup your pain correction cost in resale value.

If you’re trying to sell a used car for $25,000, for example, minor defects alone will take around $2,500-$3,500 off its value. But a paint correction can bring that value back, and potentially add even more by making it look brand new.

Start Driving Your Showroom Shiny Car Today

Paint correction is a cheap and quick way to restore your car to its gleaming perfection.  It also increases your paint’s durability and resale value.

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