RVs put us on the road to freedom. RV makers shipped 53,290 RVs to fellow road trippers in January 2022.

We all know RV maintenance can be a chore. But when you drive to the horizon, with that new RV smell mingling with the Nashville, TN, pines, you’ll be glad you did it.

Detailing RVs helps more than looks though. It helps stop damage.

What does a maintenance routine involve? How do you clean essential components? Do you really need to do it?

Read on for your guide to RV maintenance.

Why Perform RV Maintenance?

Tennesee has stunning road trips: the Smokey Mountains, Eastern Waterfalls, Cades Cove. All those miles give your RV’s essential components a beating.

Bugs splatter on its paintwork. This may seem innocent, but their insides can corrode your paintwork if left too long.

Most of us love the Nashville, TN, sun. Your roof, seams, and sidings do not. The intense sun can damage all these essentials. It can bleach your interiors.

Chips from the road and wind can lead to rust. Your RV needs more than a wash to get it fresh.

Your tires roll on hot tarmac, rough gravel, and at high speed. They need detailing to prevent damage, or worse, a blowout.

What Are the Methods for Cleaning Essential Components?

Some RV components need more attention than others. Professional RV detailing companies can be more economical. They save you from making common detailing mistakes.

Here are the basics of cleaning essential components.

Roof Clean and Inspection

Your RV’s roof needs detailing once a year. You need to use the right cleaning chemicals to avoid making any damage worse. 

Give it a rinse. Scrub off any bugs or debris. Now check for any sealing damage, chips, cracks, or paint problems. 

Clean and Check Your RV’s Exterior

Give the exterior bodywork the same attention: rinse, remove bugs and debris, inspect.

To protect your roof and exterior from oxidation, they need high-quality wax treatment. Ceramic coatings can be a better choice. They are semi-permanent and offer more protection.

Scrub Your Awnings

Awnings can keep in rainwater. They are prone to mold and mildew. This looks bad, and you won’t want to sit under it.

Remove mold and mildews with awning-safe chemicals only.

Wash Your Wheels, Make Your Rims Shine

You need cleaning chemicals made for tires. Paint-friendly washes are too weak. You need strong bristle brushes and a little hard work.

Clean Your Interior

A powerful vacuum is essential here. Check your vents, under seats, and ceiling for dust or cobwebs. Clean the interior windows. Polish any wooden surfaces. Check here for our full interior detailing guide.

What About Professional RV Detailing?

You need quite a lot of chemicals for each RV part. These can be an investment.

Many RV owners choose RV detailing companies instead. They save you time and can be more economical. Do you have any big trips planned? It’s reassuring to have a professional RV detail beforehand.

Looking for RV Maintenance in Nashville, TN?

We hope our guide to RV maintenance got you excited to get your RV in top shape. Like you, our team at Detail Time are vehicle enthusiasts.

We offer RV detailing packages, ceramic coatings, and paint correction. We’ll keep your RV looking its best.

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