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Paint Correction

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Paint correction removes defects and unwanted surface imperfections such as swirls, scratches, oxidation, marring, hazing, and etching from bird droppings or acid rain. We are extremely experienced and careful when it comes to restoring your vehicle’s paint and take the time it requires to get the job done correctly. The right knowledge, equipment, and high-end products are needed in the paint correction process. This process restores the surface of the paint to give it a high gloss and reflective finish. Even luxurious brand new vehicles usually have some type of paint defects straight from the dealership. Contact us to discuss your next correction project and get a specialized quote.


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Pricing For Paint Correction Services



(and up)

  • Includes exterior detail package

  • Light polish to remove minor defects
  • Removes mild paint defects and adds paint clarity

  • Recommended for newer cars or well maintained exteriors



(and up)

  • Includes exterior detail package

  • Polishing compound to remove moderate paint defects

  • Finishing polish to remove swirl marks and add gloss

  • Recommended package for older cars wanting clarity and gloss



(and up)

  • Includes exterior detail package

  • Heavy cut compound and polish

  • Medium cutting polish to remove swirls and marring from previous step

  • Finishing polish to restore gloss and clarity to paint

  • Recommended for older neglected vehicles with major paint defects

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About Paint Correction & Protection

What is Paint Correction?2020-05-21T09:18:37-05:00

Paint Correction is the process of restoring a vehicle’s paint through proper removal of paint defects and surface imperfections such as scratches, swirls, oxidation, marring, hazing, and etching from bird droppings or acid rain. Paint correction services renew the surface of the paint to give it more gloss and reflection. Defects occur for various reasons, but most occur due to improper washing and drying techniques and not properly maintaining the exterior of the vehicle.

What are the steps of paint correction?2020-05-21T09:19:50-05:00

Step 1 is to hand wash and dry the vehicle properly, Step 2 is to decontaminate and clay the vehicle to remove surface contaminants, Step 3 would be to compound the vehicle if paint is highly defective, Step 4 is to polish the entire vehicle (step 3 if compound is not needed), and Step 5 is to apply high quality protection to the paint with either wax, sealant, or ceramic coating. 

How long does the process take?2020-05-21T09:24:16-05:00

Paint correction services will vary according to how much correction is needed based on the condition of the paint itself along with what you are wanting to achieve with the overall outcome. There are various steps involved in paint correction. The more steps that are needed to fully correct the current condition of the paint the more time that will be needed to do so effectively. 


How do I properly care for my car after a paint correction?2020-05-21T09:20:30-05:00

A fully corrected vehicle needs to be regularly maintained by the owner and detailer. Ideally, the vehicle would be kept in a garage or out of direct sunlight and harsh elements. Schedule a maintenance detail preferably every three months from a trusted and professional detailer.

Infographic of paint defects

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