Your car endures a lot in its journies with you. From UV exposure to road debris bouncing around its underside like a bunch of pinballs, your car deserves pampering occasionally. Why not take it in for some detailing?

But, you might be asking, what does detailing your car do? What does car detailing cost? Well, you should read on to learn about the importance of detailing your car.

Protecting Your Investment

Whether your car is new or used, getting it detailed will keep it protected from the environment and wear on the interior. Detailing your car keeps the plastics in your car nice and hydrated, and gives your interior a UV coating to prevent fading in the sun. This is especially a good idea if your interior is leather, as leather can harden and crack under sun exposure.

Resale Value

One of the benefits of detailing your car is a higher resale value. When the time comes to sell it, any interested buyer comes to take a look at the car, it will be obvious that you took care of the vehicle in the time you’ve had it. Buyers will feel more confident in the car’s condition, and will drastically decrease low-ball offers.

Prevent Odors Inside Your Car

Coating or sealing of your interior surfaces during detailing makes it easy to clean up the inside of your car which can help prevent odor. The different coatings available make spills and debris much easier to clean up, but it is best to clean the interior of your car regularly. Paying special attention to the driver’s side floor will stop most odors from gaining a foothold.

Things like cigarette smoke are very hard to prevent odor retention in your car. This means regular cleans need to happen more often if you are a smoker. The best way to keep cigarette smoke out of your car is to not smoke in your car.

Professional Usage

If your car is also your office, keeping it clean is mandatory. By detailing your car, you are showing that you have pride in your job, down to the vehicle you drive. Adding a clean and subtle scent or air freshener helps to keep your customers comfortable in your vehicle and adds that professional touch!

Increase Your Car’s Lifespan

Over its lifetime, your car’s exterior will take a beating between the elements and road debris. Getting your car regularly detailed can mitigate some of this damage. There are protections like a sealant coating or wax that can protect your paint job.

The question of how often should you detail your car is between you and your detailer. The many different types of cars out there can make a difference in how often you get it detailed. Talk to a detailer to figure out a schedule.

Detailing Your Car

Detailing your car has many benefits, the least of which is keeping it looking good. It can improve your professional image or just get you some extra cash when it’s time to sell. Keep your car looking great by calling your detailer today!

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