Did you know that more than one million Americans live in RVs? Living in an RV is growing more common every year, making RV care tips crucial. But how much should you pay for RV detailing?

If you’re traveling in an RV or cleaning your favorite vehicle, we’re here to help. Read on to learn more about RV maintenance.

Variables in the Price of RV Detailing

The price of RV maintenance is difficult to calculate on average. Your price depends on a variety of factors. These factors include the company performing the detailing, the products used, the size and model of the RV, and more.

Here are some of the most important factors for estimating the price of your RV detailing.

Type of RV

The first factor to consider is the type of RV you have. If you’re detailing an RV that you live in, such as a class-A motorhome, your detailing will cost more. However, if you’re having a toy hauler or similar vehicle detailed, the cost is more manageable.

The size of your RV is also an important factor. A larger RV needs more time, effort, and materials to clean. More complex RVs may require specialist cleaners which will raise the price.

Dirt & Damage

Another factor is the condition of the RV. If your RV is covered in dirt from a camping trip, RV detailing becomes more difficult.

Also, consider any damage the RV may have which would impact cleaning. If you’re having the RV repaired to fix this damage, factor these costs into your budget.

Wax While Washing

Waxing your RV is a great way to keep it safe from dirt and damage in the future. Using a wax will create a barrier that prevents dirt, water, dust, and other detritus from contacting your RV.

Unfortunately, waxing doesn’t last forever. You should have your RV waxed twice a year to ensure the wax never fully fades.

Several different kinds of wax are available. Discuss waxing with your local RV detailing company to see what they have on offer.

Frequent Washes

Finally, frequently washing your vehicle can keep the cost of detailing down. If your vehicle is clean when you bring it in for detailing, the specialists have less work to do.

Less work means they’ll spend less time and effort on your vehicle. As a result, the cost of your detailing may be lower. You should discuss this with your detailers before assuming you’re getting a discount!

Regardless of the price change, keeping your RV clean will help prolong its life. Dirt can damage your vehicle, scratch the paint, or ruin components. Messes on the interior of your RV such as tracked dirt or spilled liquids also can cause damage.

Cleaning an RV During Maintenace

RV detailing is crucial to keep your RV in working order. Clean your RV frequently and use wax to help it stay clean. When having your RV detailed, estimate the price by judging the size, model, and class of your RV.

For more information on keeping your RV in top shape, be sure to contact us.