Are you aware that the car wash and car detailing industry is worth close to $15 billion in America?

Since we spend lots of time driving every day, it’s always worth investing in a good detail job. Not only will it improve the look and smell of your car, but it can also extend its lifespan.

Have you ever wondered if there’s anything that you can do to make each car detail last as long as possible? Keep reading to obtain our top tips that will keep your car in top shape.

Be Mindful of Where You Park

A key element of maintaining detail finishes is paying attention to where you park. It’s important to avoid parking in tight spots that could make your vehicle susceptible to getting banged up by someone else.

Parking in a garage or using a car cover can also prevent birds from relieving themselves on your car. Mud, grass clippings, and other debris will stay off of your car as well.

Add a Fresh Coat of Wax on a Regular Basis

One of the nicest parts of auto detailing is that gorgeous coat of wax that allows your vehicle to sparkle. Not many people know that they can maintain this shine themselves with a bit of wax and elbow grease.

A coat of wax tends to last for a few months, so you should try to apply a new coat every three or four months for optimal results.

Use High-Quality Car Soap

Have you ever noticed that your car still seems a bit dirty after you take it to the car wash? The reason why is that these machines are convenient, but they’re not precise.

It’s worth putting in that extra bit of effort to wash your car by hand with high-quality soap. You can scrub areas that are dirtier harder so that nothing gets left behind.

Keep a Small Trash Bag in Your Car

It’s always helpful to use car tips that make cleaning up after yourself a simpler task. A clever way that you can keep the interior of your car tidy is to keep a small plastic bag in your car that you can put your trash into.

Once the bag fills up, you can remove everything at once rather than letting junk accumulate on the floor.

Hang Up an Air Freshener

What’s more enticing than that new car smell? You can keep your vehicle smelling fresh even if it’s quite old!

Some effortless car care advice is to hang up an air freshener and swap it out whenever the scent fades.

This Is How You Can Get the Most Out of Every Detail Job

It’s always special getting a great detail job. As long as you follow this guide, you can ensure that your car stays beautiful long after a detail.

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