In 2021, boat sales were up 7% from the 5-year sales average in the US. Boating is a popular summer activity for many and purchasing a boat of your own is considered a great accomplishment. If your boat provides a sense of pride, you’ll want to keep it in tip-top shape. Keep your boat looking its best by practicing regular maintenance and detail work. Keep reading for five excellent boat detail tips.

1. Start With a Good Old-Fashioned Wash

Before doing anything else, always start with a good old-fashioned wash with soap. Boat soap is preferred, but car soap is also acceptable if it’s biodegradable and made of a gentle formula.

2. Buff Before Waxing

Once your boat is clean and dry, move on to buffing. Buffing prepares the boat for waxing and removes any oxidization after washing. You can do this manually with a buffer or opt for a rotary buffer to save time.

3. Tackle Water Spots and the Scum Line

Water spots occur when hard water dries and often leave things looking dirty. To keep your boat shining, perform regular cleaning on these spots by washing away or using a shine product as necessary.

Another thing to perform upkeep on is the scum line. When you remove your boat from the water, this line is formed by the waterline. It can be removed with water and cloth immediately after removing the boat from the water. If you leave it to set and dry for longer, it will be a harder job to get clean.

4. Don’t Skip the Bilge

The bilge is often missed when cleaning a boat, but because it’s in an enclosed area—it often needs it the most. In the off-season, this area picks up residue from the elements and any remaining water sitting stagnant. For this task, you can use bilge cleaner and rinse clean.

5. Interiors Need Upkeep, Too

Boat detailing isn’t complete if you focus only on the exterior. There are several components of the interior to upkeep that will keep your boat looking and feeling new.

If your boat has any carpeting or upholstery, it’s crucial to vacuum and clean it regularly to avoid stains and discoloration. Wipe down other surfaces such as compartments, steering wheel, dashboard, and storage bins.

Other Helpful Practices

In addition to these tips, other practices will prolong the new look and feel of your boat year-round.

When your boat’s in use, have a trash receptacle available and an area for other riders to wipe their feet when boarding.

Boat maintenance doesn’t end in the off-season. Practice good storage techniques by storing your boat on a clean trailer with a boat cover.

We’re Here to Help With Your Boat Detail Job

With these tips, your boat will continue looking its best. With a good detailing job and the proper upkeep, you’ll increase both its value and lifespan.

If boat detailing seems too big of a job for you, we’re here to help at Detail Time. Check out our boat detailing packages and request a quote today.