From a distance, your car’s paint job looks smooth, even, and new. Upon closer inspection, however, you’re starting to notice fine scratches, swirl marks, and discoloration.

As tough as car paint might seem, it’s far from invincible. You’d be surprised at the substances that can damage your paint job, sometimes even stripping the paint. Unfortunately, a lot of these substances, like bird droppings and gasoline, are hard to keep away from your car.

The good news is that there is an affordable service that can help. Paint correction can help smooth out your car’s paint and leave it looking brand new.

What are the benefits of paint correction? Read on to find out.

Increasing the Lifespan of Your Car’s Paint

Your car’s paint job does more than give your car an attractive and stylized look. Sure, you picked your car because you loved the color of the paint, but that paint has an important job. It serves as a protective barrier between your car’s metal body and the outside world.

If that paint job gets damaged, it leaves your car vulnerable to corrosion, rust, and other issues that can cost a lot to fix. Paint correction involves applying a ceramic coating that can make your car’s paint more durable and increase its lifespan, protecting the body of your car in the process.

Reversing Wear and Tear

What kind of damage can paint correction address? The list is long and includes things like:

  • fine scratches
  • spider webbing
  • spiral marks
  • animal waste stains
  • calcium deposits caused by water 
  • spots left behind during low-quality or DIY applications of protective coating
  • wax and sealants

This can leave the paint looking and feeling smooth and even-toned. After paint correction, your car will look like it’s fresh off the lot, even under close scrutiny.

Protecting Your Resale Value

You might love your car now but eventually, you’re going to want to sell it. You’d be surprised by the things that can lower your car’s resale value—including cosmetic damage. Even if everything else is in good working condition, small issues with the paint or a dulled finish may leave buyers feeling skeptical that you’ve taken care of the vehicle.

As we’ve mentioned already, paint correction can reverse wear and tear and increase protection for the body of your car. In the end, the small cost of paint correction services could yield a significant ROI when it’s time to sell.

Come to Detail Time for Paint Correction and More

Dead bugs, car wash services gone awry, droplets of gas, hard water—all of these substances can disrupt your car’s paint job. Point correction services can go a long way to reversing that damage and giving you back the car you loved from the start.

Detail Time offers paint correction services and detailing to Nashville car owners. Contact us to learn more about paint correction costs and to book your service.