Americans spend over $49 billion on boats and boat-related services per year! When you’re spending so much money on something, you want to keep it in good condition, right? Do you keep your boat clean and sealed so it can look as good as new year-round?

Maintaining clean boat seats can be difficult. Moisture leads to mildew, and sunscreen and skincare products can lead to discoloration. We’re here to help you out.

Read on to learn all about cleaning boat seats.

Clean Often

This is the most helpful tip that anyone can give you when it comes to washing boat seats. You should clean them as often as possible.

Many people think that they don’t need to wipe down vinyl boat seats after use because they’re stain- and water-resistant. This isn’t the case. While completely cleaning a boat after every day out on the water isn’t necessary, you should at least wipe the seats down with a damp cloth (and dry them) when the trip is over.

Sunscreen, makeup, lotion, and many other things can sink into the seats and make them dirty, even if they look clean on the surface. Sitting water can lead to mildew and grime.

Cleaning once per week (if you use your boat regularly) is the minimum. If your boat is in storage in a cool and dry place, you can reduce your cleaning frequency.

Avoid Harsh Products

When it comes to cleaning the interior of a boat, keep it simple. Even if you find mildew on your boat seats, you don’t want to use harsh cleaning products. They can damage the seats themselves.

Wiping the seats with warm water is often enough, but gentle dish soap is a great addition that will get your seats squeaky clean. You can use dedicated vinyl cleaning products if your seats start to develop mildew.

Don’t use bleach to get rid of mildew. It will damage the vinyl and get rid of the protective seals on the seats.

Keep Seats Sealed

Speaking of protective seals, follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding seat sealing. Protective vinyl sealants don’t only keep vinyl seats looking great. They also inhibit the growth of mildew and make seats easier to clean.

Sealing is quick and easy and it will prolong the lifespan of your seats.

Consider Hiring a Pro

Does cleaning your boat seats seem like a lot of work? Have you gone too long between regular wipe-downs, and now you’re dealing with stains and mildew?

You could take care of this on your own, but hiring a pro is often a better option. Professional boat detailers will have your vinyl boat seats looking as good as new before you know it.

That’s How to Clean Boat Seats

If you want clean boat seats every time you go out on the water, make sure to keep these tips in mind! Clean after every trip, avoid harsh cleaning products, keep your seats sealed, and hire a professional if you’re in over your head with stains and mildew.

At Detail Time, we’re ready to get your boat looking brand new again. Get a quote for our services today.