11 million families worldwide own and travel in an RV at various times of the year. To get the most out of your RV, you must take time to perform routine RV maintenance.

You’ve come to the right place to ensure you’re on top of your RV detailing. Below you’ll find some helpful tips; continue reading now.

Run Internal Diagnostics

The point of an RV is to travel with your motorhome from place to place, but how can you get to your destination if your RV’s engine or other internal parts needs to be fixed? The first tip we have to offer is to check everything internally, including the oil and filters.

You must run routine maintenance, like taking your car in for a routine oil change. You should have a routine checklist to ensure that your power steering fluid and the coolant are replenished and in quality condition for RV travel.

Don’t Overlook the Tires

The tires matter almost as much as the interior workings of your RV. When you’re caring for an RV, check the condition of your tires and the pressure of the tires.

If you need to figure out what the optimal PSI of your tire should be, we recommend pulling out the manual that came with your motorhome. Some motorhomes will tell you when your tire pressure is low and needs to be addressed, and some won’t.

If you don’t come with a gauge for tire pressure, you can use one or take your car to an auto shop to be assessed. If the pressure is low, it’s easy to fill and get it back to working condition.

Also, if you’ve traveled extensively, remember to rotate your tires. Doing this will ensure that the wear on each tire is even prolonging the use of them before you have to replace them.

Change the AC Filter

When you’re running the AC in your RV, and the air quality begins to decrease, this is a direct sign that it’s time to replace your AC filter. Of course, if you’re traveling during a cooler time of the year, you might not need to use your AC as much.

However, if your travels are planned for the warmer months, you will want to hit the switch and leave the AC on full blast. First, check to see how your AC unit is configured.

When changing or cleaning the AC filter, you should look at the evaporator coils and ensure they’re properly cleaned.

Consider the Water Heater

There are a few variations regarding the water heater used in your RV. The water heater may be electric or propane when you’re detailing an RV.

If it’s propane, you’ve got to clean the area of the chamber where the flames are housed of all dust and char. If you leave it there, it can affect the overall AC system. To reduce the chances of corrosion or other issues with your water heater, we recommend draining it from time to time.

RV Maintenance Tips to Know

When it comes to RV maintenance, there are several things you should consider doing. Take time to check the internal workings of your engine, and pay attention to the AC filter.

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