When it comes to the beauty of an automobile, the value is in the details.

More specifically, you can keep your car or truck looking fresh with detailing. But what is car detailing? It goes beyond your usual cleaning to really tap into the potential of your vehicle. It can improve the look, while also helping to retain the value of your ride.

Read on to learn more about car detailing, and why you should get it.

What is Car Detailing?

The answer to this question literally comes down to the details. A usual cleaning means you might get bucket of soap water and give your vehicle a once over, as well as vacuuming out some crumbs from the seats. Maybe there’s a bit of wax involved for the exterior.

However, car detailing goes a step or two further. Along with a thorough wash, some detailing services will use a sealant and a clay bar to remove any contaminants on the vehicle’s exterior.

It’s more than just detailing the visible surfaces, such as tire dressings (although that’s part of it.) A detailing job will also clean things like the door jambs, as well as getting into all of the other cracks and crevices where crumbs and dirt can accumulate.

Also, you can usually expect the job to involve removing spots from fabric seats, as well as applying shampoo to the car mats. The entire dashboard will be shined up like new, and a UV protectant will be applied to certain surfaces (such as vinyl) to keep them from fading. Leather treatment might also be part of the package.

When the job is done, the vehicle will look (and smell) like it just rolled out of a showroom—or even shinier.

Why Should You Get Your Vehicle Detailed?

There are a number of reasons to get the best car detailing. For example, aside from taking pride in your ride, it will also make a better impression on people both professionally and personally.

It will also extend the life of your vehicle by helping to protect or even correct the paint, as well as anything that can degrade the interior leather. What this means down the road is that you may be able to get a higher resale value if you plan to part ways with the car.

Beyond that, keeping your vehicle clean can reduce symptoms if you have allergies to dust or other contaminants. It can also help to keep you safe by keeping the windows clean, which will improve visibility and decrease the chance of an accident.

Choose The Best Car Detailing

So now you know what is car detailing, and why it can benefit your vehicle (and you.) It’s much more than your standard cleaning—it helps to protect the paint and interior features with special care.

Having your vehicle detailed not only means having a more beautiful car you can be proud to drive, but it will also increase the value for someone who wants to buy it and drive it in the future.

To learn more about detailing and the packages available, contact us today.