More Americans are boating than ever before.

During the Covid pandemic, new boat sales in the US skyrocketed by 40%. With so many new boat owners out there, it’s very important to educate people on proper boat maintenance. You may have a beautiful, like-new boat right now, but the more time it spends on the water, the dirtier it’ll become.

In this post, we’re going to bestow some boat washing knowledge on all of the new boat owners out there. Boat detailing is one of the most important aspects of boat maintenance, so keep reading and you’ll learn everything you need to know about keeping your vessel in prime condition.

What Is Boat Washing?

Washing your boat is something you should do on a regular basis, but it’s a relatively easy DIY task. At the very least, you should be giving it a rinse and dry each time you go on a boat trip. If you’re taking the boat in salt water, you should give it a more thorough clean.

It involves hosing the boat down to clean it of loose dirt and debris. Once complete, mix boat-safe soap in water and use a soft sponge to gently scrub the entire exterior, making sure to rinse thoroughly. Use an absorbent towel to dry the boat completely, then if you have time, buff it as well. 

What Is Boat Detailing?

Interior and exterior boat detailing is a much more extensive process that takes a professional a few hours to complete. Depending on what you need to be done, it could cost anywhere from $10-$75 per foot.

Interior detailing involves things like washing the windshield, vacuuming the floors and seats, polishing the chrome components, and cleaning the instrument gauges. Exterior detailing involves handwashing with marine soap and a soft microfiber cloth, buffing with marine wax, and oxidation removal. 

When you hire the right boat detailer, you’ll have your boat back to looking brand new. At Detail Time, we offer an interior and exterior detailing package that takes all of the work out of owning a boat.

We use the best cleaning materials, supplies, and techniques to restore your glass, ceramic coating, and gel coating. If you want your boat to look and feel great on the water, you need detailing from the very best.

The Importance of Proper Boat Maintenance

Now that you understand the difference between boat washing and boat detailing, you can take better care of your vessel. The importance of proper boat maintenance can’t be understated. You should be cleaning your boat every time you use it and getting it detailed twice per year.

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