Unfortunately, our boats face elements that can damage them overnight. Boat owners know that getting their rig detailed a few times per year is more cost-effective than paying to get rust and damage repaired. Most issues can be prevented with regular maintenance, and that includes a thorough detail inside and out.

Take a look around the marina, and chances are that you can tell which boats get taken care of, and which ones do not. Don’t put your boat detail off another minute. What are you waiting for?

Why Detail?

Is getting your boat detailed a necessity? If you want to protect your investment, it is! Ignore your detailing appointments and you will start to see how the inside and outside of your boat deteriorates in the sun and the dirtiness of the water and environment. 

Professionals and boat manufacturers suggest to get your boat waxed and detailed twice per year- more often depending on the quality of the water that you’re in, the severity of the sun it is exposed to, and the amount of use (abuse) your boat gets. As a general rule, boats that are in saltwater should get cleaned/waxed more often.

Detailing washes away the harsh elements that protect against mold and mildew, pitting, rust, and scratches. Corrosion prevention is in the detail, literally.


Pull your boat out of the water, and call a professional detailer to wax it twice a year. Spring for the full detail package, unless you want to take the time to wash it down and polish it to prep it for wax- which most boat owners don’t. Exterior boat detailing services are often $10-$50 priced per foot.

Superior Interior Protection

The interior of your boat is as important as the hull. Arguably even more so because the sun will damage the seats and much quicker than the water will damage the exterior. Vinyl or leather protectant for your seats are easy to apply and will save you a nice chunk of change in replacement costs.

Saltwater vs Freshwater

The effect that the water has on your boat depends if it is in fresh or saltwater. While the ocean is a ton of fun for boaters, saltwater can damage the boat up to faster than freshwater.

Salt is damaging to not only the look of your boat but also to the hardware and function. Just as the salt does damage, so does the sun. Before the rays rip apart the exposed areas of your boat, call in the pros to clean and protect the vulnerable materials like vinyl seats.

Off-Season Storage

Do you plan on storing your boat for the offseason? A deep detail at the end of the boating season is ideal to wash away the gunk and grime from the many months out on the water. A healthy coat of wax will guarantee that you pull your rig out of storage without any pitting or unsightly scratches from dirt & salt. 

Boat Detail

Any time of year is a good time to call your trusted boat detail shop. You have shopped carefully for the right boat for you, so should you put effort into finding the best detail service for your boat. Nashville’s finest- Detail Time has over 15 years of experience with cars, RV’s, and of course boats. 

Take their advice, and start treating your vehicle right today!