Car and Driver Magazine says a new car costs more than $48,000. And regardless if you buy new or used, protecting your investment is essential.

Mobile auto detailing is easy and convenient. A car detailing crew meets you where you are!

Ways to pick an auto detailing business include doing your research, asking about services, and finding out about the speed of mobile detailing.  

Here are three tips for choosing mobile auto detailing services in the Nashville, TN, area. 

1. Do Your Research

Before making any decision about car detailing, do some digging! 

Making a good decision will help you avoid bad service. You will also get the mobile detailing you deserve!


Read online reviews about car detailing companies. Many people are not shy about posting about their car detailing experiences – good and bad. 

You can learn about timeliness, professionalism, and pricing.


Consult with your family, friends, and work colleagues about auto detailing. They will give you their honest opinion about the job car detailing companies will do.

Asking around can get you the best recommendations about an auto detail job.


A recent survey found 73 percent of consumers point to experience when making a decision. Inquire about how many years the auto detailing business has with caring for vehicles. 

2. Ask About Services 

While most mobile detailing services offer similar services, ask about what specific services a car detailing business offers that are different. 

For example, will they remove a tough to remove smell or stain from a leather seat? Will they clean your engine? Do they add a protective coat in addition to the wax on your car?

Neglected cars might need more auto detailing than others. Ask about what kinds of auto detail services are specific to older or neglected vehicles.

Inquire about deodorizing, steam cleaning, or polishing. 

Furthermore, ask about the different packages the mobile detailing company officers. In some cases, if you bundle services, you can get a better deal. You can save money on an auto detail job!

3. Find Out About Speed of Service

One of the goals of car detailing companies is to detail your car and then get it back on the road. 

Work with a mobile detailing company that can complete your job quickly! Find out about the turnaround time. 

Perhaps you’re in a last-minute crunch! You might need a speedy auto detail job for a quick out-of-town trip or to impress a client. 

Three Tips for Choosing Mobile Auto Detailing Services

Ways to pick a mobile auto detailing business include doing your research, asking about services, and finding out about the speed of mobile detailing. Once you know everything you can about a mobile detailing service, you can make the right choice!

Let us show you why we are the best car detailing company in the Nashville, TN, area. Our skilled team will care for your brand-new or classic vehicle! You will soon learn why our customer base continues to trust us as their favorite mobile car detailing company.

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