It may surprise you to learn that the average new car costs nearly $50,000. Regardless of how much you pay for your car, it’s important to keep it in good shape.

Working with car detailing services can be a great way to handle this obligation. In fact, regular car detailing can improve your driving experience.

It’s not always easy to choose the right car detailing service. So, we put together a brief guide that outlines what to look for. Let’s get started.

1. Warranties

Under no circumstances should you work with a detailing company that does not offer warranties. In the event something goes wrong after you visit them, having a warranty in place will protect you.

This is an industry-standard, and it’s a red flag if a business does not offer warranties. The only reason a company wouldn’t is due to providing low-quality work.

2. Good Past Reputation

See what other customers have had to say about their experiences with a Nashville car detailing company.

Were they happy with the results they got? Did the company remain professional throughout the process? This is information you can’t overlook.

It’s normal to see a few negative reviews when browsing. However, you should consider where they are in the company’s timeline.

Let’s assume that most of the reviews you read from the past six months are negative. This could indicate that the company has recently been providing poor service. This is true even if it has a high rating on review platforms, as there could have been a recent change in management or ownership.

When in doubt, contact the company yourself and gauge how staff interact with you. If they seem friendly and ready to help you meet your needs, this is a good sign that they are reliable.

3. Proper Insurance

Without the proper insurance coverage in place, you’ll be left liable for damage that occurs during the process. For instance, consider a scenario where an employee of a car detailing company accidentally breaks your rearview mirror. If they aren’t insured, you’ll need to cover this cost.

Situations like these can quickly get out of control if there is substantial damage to your vehicle. So, always ask about their insurance coverage before making your decision.

4. Fair Pricing

Not all car detailers are created equal. Some charge far more money than their services are worth. Others offer rock-bottom prices but likely won’t meet your needs.

In general, it’s best to choose a business somewhere in the middle of the price range. To clarify, let’s assume that the cheapest detailers in your area charge $100 while the most expensive charge $500. Choosing a company that charges $250 that also has good reviews is likely a safe option.

Leverage Car Detailing Services

Car detailing services will keep your vehicle pristine while enhancing your drive. As long as you do your due diligence, you can find a professional capable of meeting your needs.

Get a free quote today from Detail Time. Our professional staff can assess your situation and connect you with the best solutions.