A recent report published by Grandview Research found people spend more than $29 billion globally on washing their cars. Hiring a car detail service expert can make that experience much easier! You likely spent a lot of money on your vehicle, and having professional detailing care for your investment is worth it.

Reasons an auto detailing service is beneficial include saving you time and money and adding value to your vehicle. Moreover, it also protects your car’s paint.

Here’s more on the five benefits of a car detail service. 

1. Time

Auto detailing service shops have all of the necessary equipment at their fingertips. A professional detailing company has a system to finish your car in a certain amount of time.

An auto detail on your car at your home would take you hours! Why waste time?

Instead of doing the auto detailing yourself, spend the time with your family or friends – or better yet – relax!

2. Money

Imagine what it would cost to restock professional detailing chemicals at your home constantly. In addition, high-end vacuums are costly. And if something breaks, you’re on the hook for something new.

A car detailing company has the latest and best equipment to complete the auto detail efficiently. 

Moreover, a car detail service has different packages you can purchase, depending on your needs. 

3. Value

New cars aren’t cheap. Whether you plan to drive your car for a shorter or longer time, you want your investment to hold as much value as possible.

When you sell or trade-in your car, a potential owner will see you spent money on auto and interior detailing. The effort shows you maintained your vehicle during your time as the owner.

4. Paint

Adding wax and other sealants to your vehicle during a car detail service is essential. It keeps your car looking shiny and new! 

The paint on your car can take quite the beating thanks to the sun’s rays, dirt, grime, and road tar. Choosing an auto detailing service will help protect the paint’s lifespan.

5. Odors

Weekend outdoor trips, pets, and spilled groceries can all create unsightly smells and odors. Interior detailing will eliminate those odors and give your car a ‘new’ smell.

According to a recent study, your ‘new car smell’ deteriorates about 20 percent each week. Who wants that?

Those stains and smells can be tough to remove. Many times, they are often deep in the padding of the seat. 

Car Detail Service Benefits

Five ways a car detail service is beneficial include saving you time and money, adding value to your vehicle, and protecting the paint. It also eliminates terrible odors! 

Why do the job yourself? Allow our professionals to detail the exterior and interior of your vehicle in an instant. We offer different service levels, depending on the type of service you require – all with different price points.

Our team is the best in Nashville, TN. We will leave your car looking and smelling as good as new!