Outdoor recreation is part of the American tradition. Many people think today’s society is about cell phones and video games. However, the outdoor recreation industry is more popular than ever.

The industry is now valued at more than $450 billion and accounts for nearly 2% of the country’s GDP. More than ever before, people have the means to travel and they’re taking advantage.

Many Americans are choosing recreational vehicles (RVs) to explore the country. More than 11 million American households now own an RV.

A cross-country trip is going to take a toll on your family’s RV. An RV cleaning service is the best way to keep your vehicle in like-new condition. Continue reading to learn what makes an RV detailing and cleaning service great.

What Does an RV Cleaning Service Do?

RV detailers perform a thorough cleaning of your unit. They specialize in RV interior cleaning. This includes cleaning RV upholstery from the standard wear and tear of a long family journey.

RV exterior cleaning is also a major component of the business. Detailers do an exterior decontamination wash on every inch of the vehicle. The goal is to remove bugs and grime collected on the highway and off the beaten path.

Wheels and tires are also cleaned and dressed. Detailers carefully clean the windshield glass and all the RV’s windows.

RV detailers can also take steps to protect your prized possession. For example, they have a compounding and polishing service for oxidation and swirl removal. Also, premium wax and sealant can be applied to protect the RV’s paint job.

What Makes an RV Detailer Great?

There are some common traits that make an RV detailer stand out amongst the competition. For starters, you want to hire a company that prioritizes quality over speed.

Many companies try to finish the work as quickly as possible and turn their attention to the next vehicle. Instead, the best companies focus on satisfying the customer by performing a thorough job.

You also want to hire a company with experience. Ideally, an RV detailer should have experience servicing many different brands and styles.

This way, they’re not caught off-guard by unusual design features. They will also know the best products to use on a particular RV.

An RV detailer’s reputation is also important. You should check social media and Google for online reviews. Read customer testimonials to find out if other customers were satisfied or had legitimate grievances.

Lastly, look for what additional services the company offers. RV maintenance is another valuable service required to keep your vehicle in top shape.

Paint correction, for example, removes defects and imperfections from the vehicle. This will help maintain your vehicle’s resale value.

Your Guide to RV Cleaning

You are now ready to hire the best RV detailer. Look for a company with a sterling reputation and extensive experience with your RV. Also, it’s essential to find a company that takes pride in the quality of their work.

If you are in the market for an RV cleaning service, contact us today to schedule an appointment.