Did you know that in December the average price of a used vehicle was more than $28,000? This is a new record high for 2021.

Now more than ever, investing in your vehicle makes sense. Just like a routine oil change or tire rotation, car detailing is a regular investment you should consider to maintain the market value of your car.

Like with any general search on the Internet, finding fair auto detailing prices can feel intimidating.

If you are considering detailing your car, take a look at these tips to make sure you are paying a fair price. Keep reading to learn more about what to look out for.

Detailing Services You Should Expect

From removing scratches and harsh contaminants to eliminating pet hair and lingering orders, there’s no doubt that detailing your car has a lot of benefits.  

When looking for a professional detailing service, pay attention to the types of packages they provide, in addition to customer reviews.

Basic auto detailing should include services like:

  • Hand washing
  • Waxing
  • Tire cleaning
  • Trim and mirror cleaning
  • Interior vacuuming
  • Interior polishing
  • Glass cleaning

Average Auto Detailing Prices

The cost of car detailing depends on a number of factors, including car size, what state you live in, and the average cost of living in your city. Across the country, the average auto detailing price is around $160.

In Tennessee, the average price for detailing is around $170—with the lowest prices close to $120 and the highest prices topping out around $211.

Prices also vary depending on the type of service you choose, the quality of cleaning products, and the reputation of the business. Make sure to ask questions to really understand what you are spending your money on.

Basic Detailing Prices 

For basic detailing, you can expect to pay anywhere from $50 to $125 for an average-sized vehicle and up to $150 for detailing an SUV. As you upgrade the type of detailing service and quality or size of the vehicle (like vintage cars or RVs) you can expect that to be reflected in the price.

One easy way to keep your overall price down is to detail your car every three months. This ensures you aren’t paying for an ‘intensive project’ every time you go to get your car detailed.

It’s good to think of car detailing as a regular investment to maintain the market value of your vehicle.

Start With a Local Quote

Auto detailing prices will depend on the type of service you choose, the type of vehicle you own, and where you live. Before investing in having your car detailed, make sure you do your research and receive a personalized quote.

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