Are you feeling overwhelmed by the process of getting your boat detailed? You know you should leave the job to the professionals, but how do you find the right boat detailing company? 

Your boat is an important investment, so you shouldn’t trust the boat detailing experience to just anyone. Doing your research before choosing a detailing company is key.

In this guide, we’re breaking everything you need to know to have a great boat detailing experience. Let’s get started. 

What To Look For In A Boat Detailing Company

The first thing you should consider is the boat detailing company’s reputation around town. Are their past customers satisfied with their work? A boat is a big investment that owners take seriously, so if their clientele isn’t happy, it will be easy to find bad reviews online.

The company may have some client testimonials on their website, but you should also check reviews on other websites, such as:

  • Yelp
  • Google Maps
  • Better Business Bureau
  • ConsumerReports
  • Foursquare

Ideally, you want to have a handful of glowing references and reviews from past customers. Make sure the reviews are recent and relevant to the service you’re enquiring about. If you’re happy with the number of positive reviews a company has, you can feel good about moving forward with them. 

Check Out the Company’s Services

With detailing for boats, there are multiple factors to consider. Are you looking for full detail, or do you just want to focus on the exterior or interior of the boat?

Make sure each detailing service is robust. An interior boat detail should include:

  • Topside cleaning
  • Mildew removal
  • Seat conditioning
  • Floor cleaning
  • Glass cleaning

An exterior detail should always include:

  • Thorough hand wash of the entire boat
  • Trailer and tire wash
  • Buff and wax
  • Oxidation removal

Browse through the company’s website to see what their services entail. If they do not include everything listed above, you should look for a company with more high-quality services.

Additionally, inquire about the types of products and tools that the company uses. For the long-lasting boat detail, you want to make sure they use top-tier tools and cleaning agents.

Compare Costs

Part of shopping around for the right boat detailing company is comparing detailing costs. While you want to have a competitive rate, that doesn’t mean you should settle for the lowest cost possible.

Your boat is a major investment, and you need to trust the people you let work on it. The value of the detailing service should be reflected in their costs. 

The easiest way to determine how much your boat will cost to detail is to calculate it by the square feet of your boat. If you’re unsure, the boat detailing company should be able to give you a custom quote.

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