There are approximately 12 million registered boats in the United States, highlighting the popularity of recreational boating. The majority of these boats are small, measuring less than 26 feet, meaning they can easily be trailered to different waterways around the country.

As the summer months fade into the distance, it is now time to get ready for the winter months. Winterizing a boat is essential to ensuring that it will be in proper working order when the time comes around again to head out onto the water.

In this blog post on boat maintenance, we will highlight the necessary steps for getting ready for winter if you are a boat owner.


When it’s time to store your boat away for the winter season, it’s important to give it a deep clean both inside and out. A clean boat will manage the winter months better than a boat that is full of moisture or dirt.

All of the interior upholstery should be clean to remove mold or mildew; all interior compartments should be fully dry; and the hull should be cleared with fibreglass cleaner.

You may also want to wax and paint your boat before storing it away for the winter season.

Remove Gear

Anything that doesn’t need to remain on the boat during the winter months can be removed. Such items include lifejackets, lines, fire extinguishers, tow ropes, and skis. It’s also recommended that you remove and charge the battery.


Before storing your boat for winter, give the motor a freshwater flush and rinse any salt buildup. You should also change the lower unit oil, add a fuel stabilizer, and ensure that no water remains in the motor.

You may also wish to fog the engine or, instead, you may prefer to start it every 3 to 4 weeks during the winter months. 

Ensure Everything Is Dry

If moisture remains on your boat, it could lead to corrosion during the winter season. Ensure that you drain the gear case and check for any leaking seals that need to be repaired.

Drain the hot water tank and the fresh water tank, check the bilges for any standing water, and double-check the engine for any water.

When you are satisfied that everything has been taken care of, cover your boat and secure it in a safe location.

Boat Owners: Getting Ready for Winter

Next year, you will thank yourself for the work you did on your boat in getting ready for winter. Effective winterization is essential to ensuring that your boat is ready to go when the good weather rolls around once again.

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