In recent years, RV purchases have been on the rise. Part of this trend was the 2020 pandemic and worldwide travel shutdowns. At that time, RVs provided travel and vacation freedom that didn’t rely on airplanes and airports. While RVs can be tremendously fun and rewarding purchases, they also take work to maintain. If you try to forego your necessary RV detailing work, it can lead to significant problems.

However necessary a detailing may be, though, it’s often an inconvenience. RVs are large vehicles, and they take time to clean. How much time, you ask? Well, that’s the question we’ll answer in this article!

Before You Begin RV Detailing

If you want to save money, it’s often best to handle your own mobile detailing. If you decide to tackle this task alone, though, you’re in for a lot of work.

Let’s start with the essentials. Before you begin cleaning, read your RV manual to determine what cleaning products and chemicals you can use for this vehicle. While RVs are durable vehicles, inappropriate chemicals can lead to damage.

If you have upgraded features, check out the manufacturer’s website for more concrete details. Q&A sections and forums often answer your questions.

Where to Start Your Detailing

The best place to start your detailing work is often at the campsite. Before you leave, take the time to empty your RV holding tanks and wash them. Empty the black one first, followed by the gray.

Likewise, empty and clean your freshwater tank. However, it may be easier to wait until your home to sanitize this tank.

Next, thoroughly wash the exterior of your vehicle. Depending on your vehicle, you may be able to use a pressure washer. However, pressure washers can damage many RVs.

Check with the manufacturer about pressure washer safety before you use it. Even with a standard hose, it’s best to spray the vehicle on a lower setting.

Begin by washing your roof, walls, awnings, windows, tires, and slide toppers. Never allow road dirt or smashed bugs to remain, as they can be troublesome to remove later.

If you think your vehicle is too large to wash, that’s okay! Look into a car detailing Nashville service to provide the detailing your RV needs.

What to Do Next

Once you’ve washed the exterior, you must disinfect the RV interior and your appliances. Clean from top to bottom so you can sweep away anything that falls down.

As you clean, let the vehicle ventilate. Open windows to air out the vehicle. Likewise, dust and vacuum ceiling vents and exhaust fans in all relevant rooms.

Make sure you remove any stored food from the vehicle. Letting food rot brings a host of problems with it. If you’re uncertain you can handle this task, contact car detailing Brentwood services.

Outsource To Professionals

You can save money on RV detailing by doing the work yourself. However, you can save much more time by reaching out to professional car detailing Hendersonville services.

We at Champ’s Detailing provide RV services and mobile detailing in Nashville, Brentwood, and Hendersonville. If your RV needs detailing, don’t hesitate! Contact us about your vehicle’s detailing today.