When you run a fleet service, it’s easy to focus exclusively on delivery times and numbers. However, it’s also crucial to maintain your fleet truck. 

Each day, your drivers sit in trucks and spend most of their days therein. Are the insides of their trucks sanitary? Do the exteriors reflect your professionalism and attention to detail?

If you’re uncertain about any of these, consider working with a truck detailing service. Semi-truck detailing services ensure your vehicle remains clean and well-maintained. However, many fleet managers may wonder how much these services cost.

If that’s what you’re wondering, keep reading! We’ll explore how much a detailing job costs in the guide below. Soon, you’ll see the benefits justify the cost!

What Truck Detailing Services Charge 

When you decide to hire a company to detail a fleet truck, they may charge you in one of two ways. Some companies charge by vehicle. Their prices may alternate based on the type of vehicle they detail. 

Charging by the vehicle provides some advantages. Fleet managers often choose this when they need high-volume semi-truck detailing. It’s a helpful option when there are many vehicles to detail for minimum work.

Alternatively, companies may charge by the hour for the job. Sometimes, detailing a truck with heavy soiling can take more work than a detailer can predict. In this case, charging by the vehicle could result in companies charging more than the job is worth. 

Instead, managers can benefit from finding services that charge by the hour. This way, they can guarantee the work a service provides is parallel to the bill they receive. 

Other Factors Affecting Cost

Several factors contribute to how much you’ll pay for a truck detail job. For example, you can expect to pay approximately $150-$200 for interior truck detailing. Semi-truck interior details usually include:

  • vacuuming/washing carpets and seats
  • vent cleaning
  • cup holders
  • door panels
  • interior windows

Likewise, exterior detailing often starts at close to $130. Usually, this work includes a wash for the cab, windows, wheels, and rims. 

However, different types of trucks may require more work to clean. For example, sleeper cab semis take longer to clean because of their sleeping areas. Companies charge more for these since this truck detail includes sanitizing the bed, mattress, tables, and TV. 

Benefits of a Mobile Truck Detailing Service

When you have to detail a truck fleet, you may wonder if the price is worthwhile. If so, consider the benefits of detailing services. 

First, this detailing protects your vehicle investment. Maintenance and cleaning prolong your trucks’ lifespans, enabling them to run longer.

Likewise, sanitized interiors can protect your workers. Vent cleanings will provide cleaner air. The interior cleanings can scrub out germs and bacteria accumulated from travel destinations. 

These benefits make a truck detailing service worth the cost. So, search the Internet to find the best service near you!

Find the Truck Detailing You Need

As you can see, truck detailing companies provide critical services for trucking fleets. You’ll benefit immensely from a truck detailing job. 

If you live in the Nashville area, consider working with us on this project! We provide on-site detail and car wash services to meet our customers’ needs. Contact us today to find the best package for your vehicle.