Car wash and detailing services are evolving with each passing year. One recent study concluded that 70% of vehicle owners stopped handwashing their cars over the past decade. Instead, they are relying on car washing facilities.

While car washing facilities are convenient, there is an even better way to take care of your ride. Mobile detailing is the latest craze in the automobile industry. Here, mobile detailers come to you and detail your car at home.

Read on to learn how to prepare for a mobile auto detail. Explore topics like how to detail a car and setting up a car detailing appointment.

How to Detail a Car?

Many people confuse a car wash with auto detailing. While car washing is effective to a degree, the facility’s goal is to run as many cars through as possible. There is a bit of a factory feel to car washing.

Auto detailing, on the other hand, is a careful and precise process. This is the closest your vehicle will get to its pre-purchase condition at a dealership.

A lot more time and technique goes into auto detailing. The result is that your vehicle is a lot cleaner after detailing than a typical car wash.

For example, most car washes are going to vacuum and wipe down the interior. On the contrary, auto detailing uses steam cleaning devices to clean upholstery. Detailing also uses shampoo and conditioner to remove stains and lift dirt that is stuck in the carpet.

The precision and quality involved with auto detailing are the source of its popularity. Auto detailing is now valued at more than $14 billion and is likely to grow even more.

What Is a Mobile Auto Detail?

Many auto detailers require that you drop off the vehicle at a facility or shop. Mobile detailing brings the laborers and detailing equipment to you.

There are many detailing services that can be performed from the convenience of your driveway or office parking lot. Mobile detailers are able to perform headlight restorations on the go.

They can also complete paint corrections on your vehicle. This is a must for car enthusiasts and show car owners. It removes unwanted surface imperfections and defects on the vehicle’s exterior.

Scratches, swirls, bird droppings, and acid rain are just a few examples addressed by paint correction. This is not a job that can be done in a few minutes at the local car wash.

Instead, it requires experienced technicians and proper equipment. The end result is a reflective paint job with high gloss on your vehicle’s exterior.

Make an Appointment and Prepare

You are now ready for your first car detailing. The first step is making an appointment. Let your detailer know of any unique characteristics they should be aware of.

Clear your vehicle of any trash or personal belongings. Some owners prepare with a pre-detailing wash and dry. Lastly, you should check out the company’s detailing services to see if there is anything specifically that you need.

If you are interested in a mobile auto detail, contact us today to schedule your appointment today.