Although leasing cars is less popular than it once was, 19% of new car shoppers still choose this option.

When you lease a vehicle, it’s extra important to take care of it. If you bring it back in far worse shape than you got it, you could be subject to hundreds, or even thousands of dollars. 

Little nicks and scratches probably won’t matter, but you always want to try to return a lease vehicle in the same condition you got it. Today, we will tell you how to return your lease in great shape, so keep reading and you’ll be able to get your next car lease with no added stress.

How Returning a Lease Works

As your lease is expiring, you’ll likely get notifications from the dealership about how to proceed. They’ll want to set up an appointment to have the vehicle picked up or dropped off. They’ll also let you know what you need to do with regard to paperwork and how to clean the car.

Some dealerships may also schedule a pre-inspection a month or two prior to the lease expiring. This will give them a chance to see what shape the car is in and give you a chance to rectify any aesthetic wear and tear or mechanical issues that aren’t covered in the lease agreement.

What’s Considered Wear and Tear When You Return a Lease

Excessive wear and tear always end up in extra charges, but what qualifies as such can sometimes be cloudy. A lot of the time, dealers will allow the first $500 of wear and tear – things like small dents and chips in the windshield.

If you bring it back with large dents and cracks, you may have issues. Holes or stains in the upholstery won’t be covered, nor will upgrades or fixes that don’t meet the manufacturer’s standards. Any mechanical issues, like check engine lights, poor suspension, brake issues, and any broken electrical features will incur further charges as well.

How Car Detailing Can Help

To avoid these extra fees, it’s a good idea to simply look after the vehicle while it’s in your possession. This is especially important with the mechanical stuff, so you should always take the car in for scheduled maintenance.

Everyone has accidents with interior and exterior aesthetics, however, and it might not be in your power to return the car to a pristine shape. That’s where vehicle detailing can save you.

A great detailing and reconditioning service can restore your lease car’s interior at a reasonable price. They can also help you with paint correction so that the car looks like it did when you drove it off the lot a few years ago.

Don’t Get Charged Extra for a Car Lease

If you don’t want to incur extra charges on your vehicle lease, it’s important to look after the car and see a car detailer before bringing it back. At Detail Time, we’re Nashville’s top option for interior and exterior reconditioning. We’ve got a number of detailing packages depending on what your lease contract says.

Contact us today to schedule your service and never worry about any uncertainties around having to return a lease again.