Owning a car is like having a baby. It comes with responsibilities, and if you take care of it well, it’ll be there for you in the future. 

One of the duties of a car owner is to keep it looking spotless. You should wash it often, around every two weeks, to keep the car in pristine condition.

Although doing the easy thing can be tempting, taking it to a drive-thru car wash isn’t the best option. Here’s why having it detailed by professional hands should be your first choice.

The Potential Dangers of a Drive-Thru Car Wash

Taking your wheeled baby to a car wash isn’t good for its health. 

Often times, there’s poor maintenance and upkeep inside of the machine. The tools used to clean a car should be cleaned after every wash. But the mop-like tornadoes they use to soak up the dirt hold onto it, and it’s rare that they’re ever actually cleaned. 

Whatever grime the brushes have picked up can create some terrible scratching on your paint. Dirt, sand, and other fibers are incredibly hard, and they will eat right through coatings. 

Some car washes will have a large blowdryer at the end of the tunnel. But others don’t and require hand-drying. If you’re unequipped for that at the end, you’ll be left with a lot of water spots or residue. 

Car washes also tend to do a terrible job. They accomplish pushing around the dirt on your car’s exterior, but they fail to remove it. Most aren’t left with a satisfactory clean that they paid for. 

These washes don’t aim for a quality product. They make their margins through quantity — pushing as many cars through as possible. That’s not something you’d want to buy. 

The Devil Is in the Details

Detailers are meticulous, methodical, and, best of all — not automated. 

Professional detail shops pride themselves on a job well done, not on how many cars they’ve cleaned in an hour. Each car is shown love and care when in their hands. 

The cars are cleaned from the outside in. Every square inch of the vehicle is turned from dirty to spotless. This is where detailers shine (in the details).

Automatic car washes neglect the interior of your vehicle. As if what they do to the exterior wasn’t bad enough. 

However, aside from buffing, waxing, small dent repair, and the degreasing that they do on the outside, they fully transform the interior. Detailers will vacuum, steam-clean carpets, and make dashboards and surfaces glisten. 

A lot of shops are even trained to undo any harm that may have come from using an automatic car wash.

Get It Detailed

Car ownership is akin to parenthood. You have to do what’s best for your vehicle. These are the differences in washing methods you should consider. 

A drive-thru car wash isn’t well maintained and can leave scratches in your paint from the leftover dirt. Detailers pride themselves on giving your car a spotless shine, not on how fast their turnover is.

Do you want to have your car detailed to make it look new? Book an appointment with us!