Is your RV one of your favorite investments? You’re not the only American who feels this way.

Research shows that more than 11 million households owned RVs in 2021. This was a 26% jump from 2011 and a more than 60% increase over 2001.

More people are buying RVs to experience greater freedom when vacationing, as they can control their environments. Others have purchased RVs as professional mobile offices.

Detailing your RV may help prevent permanent damage to your vehicle’s exterior and interior. Are you familiar with the products used for RV detailing? Let’s explore the most common options. 

RV Detailing Service

A high-quality RV detailing service provider may offer you a couple of options. One is basic cleaning. The other is a more comprehensive detailing package.

Basic Detail

A basic detail may involve cleaning your RV’s exterior glass, tires, and wheels. It should also include decontaminating the exterior to remove road grime and bugs.

Full Detail

A full detail includes the abovementioned services and a few others. One is oxidation removal through polishing.

Oxidation is a chemical reaction that produces rust, which can destroy the metal in your RV’s framework. It may also reduce your RV exterior’s lifespan and detract from the vehicle’s appearance.

Another full RV detail service is a wax application. Your vehicle may receive a ceramic coating application, too (more on these next).

Wax and Ceramic Coatings

A premium wax application can help protect your RV against ultraviolet degradation. The wax will further shield it from water, dirt, and dust. It will maximize your decals’ and paint’s life.

A ceramic coating is another solution for preserving your RV’s finish. This clear chemical coating will blend with the vehicle’s finish, leaving the paint untouched.

This layer of protection will repel water and chemical stains from the road. Another advantage is that it will make your RV easier to clean since it creates a smooth surface.

Ceramic coatings offer the same benefits as wax coatings but are more weather-resistant. They might also last longer. 

Why Use RV Detailing Services?

RV detailing services will help you keep your RV in top condition for years. It will protect your vehicle from existing grime and future damage.

A reputable service company can also show you worn components or areas needing repairs so you can fix them as soon as possible. This will help your RV maintain as high of a value as possible should you decide to sell it.

How We Can Help Your RV

Basic RV detailing includes an exterior wash targeting areas like your vehicle’s glass and tires. A full detail includes this and a few other services. These range from oxidation removal to wax and ceramic coatings to further protect your vehicle.

At Detail Time, we offer high-quality RV detailing services, including mobile RV detailing. Contact us to learn more about our services and get a free quote today!