One of the biggest mistakes that first-time RV owners make is failing to perform regular maintenance and upkeep on their new RV.

In addition to things like sealing your room and winterizing your plumbing, another important part of regular maintenance is keeping the exterior of your RV clean.

Dirt and grime can not only leave your RV looking old and rough, but it can also cause damage within your slides, to any graphics on the exterior of your RV, or can even lead to fading and staining that’s tough to get rid of.

But washing your RV, and especially fifth wheels and mobile homes, isn’t easy. Luckily, mobile detailing for your RV offers a simple solution. Keep reading to learn the benefits RV mobile detailing service.

We Come to You

The best thing about RV mobile detailing is that we come to you!

While it might be quick and easy to drive your car through your local car wash, this isn’t the case with RVs. Few car washes offer space for cleaning a recreational vehicle. And even if they do, they likely don’t offer the supplies and gear that you’ll need to get the job done.

But with mobile detailing service, our experts come to you. Whether you’re at home or at a local Nashville RV park, our technicians come straight to you, armed with everything we’ll need to clean your RV inside and out.

Our Packages Make it Easy to Customize Your Detailing

One big benefit of auto detailing from Detail Time is that we offer a variety of package options so that you can customize your RV detailing.

Basic exterior cleanings start at just $5 to $20 per foot. For a more thorough cleaning, including wheel and tire cleaning and dressing, buff and wax application, oxidation removal, and more, prices run from $10 to $40 per foot. If you aren’t sure which option is right for you, you can always request a free quote to find out what various options would cost.

Our Specialists Use Only the Best RV Detailing Products and Supplies

Another big mistake new RV owners make it using harsh or abrasive cleaners on their RV’s exterior. At the opposite end of the sepctrium, some new owners assume that basic cleaning supplies like dish soap are enough to remove those pesky black streams or mildew.

Both are big mistakes. A mild detergent like dish soap that isn’t designed for RVs will often leave streaks, and likely won’t get rid of dirt and grime. But harsh chemical cleaners or those that are abrasive can damage the surface of your RV or any graphics on the outside.

Our specialists are equipped with only the best RV detailing products and supplies. They know exactly which cleaner to use on every kind of stain and mark. Not only will they get your RV shining and looking like new, but they’ll also do so without damaging sensitive seals, fiberglass, graphics, and more.

Schedule Mobile Detailing for Your RV

Mobile detailing for your RV is the easiest way to make sure that your RV is kept in top shape. Whether you’ve just finished a long road trip, haven’t cleaned your RV in a while, or are getting ready to put it in strorage for the winter, a RV detailing session is a great choice. 

Request your free quote today to start scheduling your next mobile RV detailing.