Today, the car wash and detailing sector is a “$14 billion-plus industry.” So if you don’t frequently detail your car, don’t dismiss this car detailing guide. If you spend time and money ensuring your home or wardrobe stands out, why not give your car or truck the same attention? Your car deserves more than an occasional car wash. It deserves timely car detailing. But what do you need to detail a car?

The first detail comes from reading this car detailing guide. After that, your prized car will look as good as new for that first date or for making memorable first impressions.

What Do You Need to Detail a Car?

Thorough car detailing involves your vehicle’s interior and exterior. So, to make your car showroom-ready, consider these items in your car detailing costs.

1) Car Vacuum or Dust Buster

Did you know that “Americans consume nearly 20% of meals in their vehicles?” So, your car has many crumbs between driving to work and moving kids around. And that’s why a car vacuum or a dust buster helps get into the nooks and crannies.

2) Universal Cleaning Spray & Stain Removal

When detailing your car’s interior, a standard cleaning spray belongs in your car detailing arsenal. And don’t forget to have some soft and smooth cloth to clean up.

Linen cloth might not be a good choice because it might leave small particles. And with all those cups of coffee drunk in your car, there might be some stains. Therefore, car stain remover can make your upholstery look like new.

Other car detailing advice is to consider vinyl protectants. These protectants help prevent discoloring and fading from the sunlight. For more interior car detailing tips, visit our blog.

3) Interior Windshield Cleaner

Don’t forget about a reliable glass cleaner brand to clean the windshield’s interior. Chances are, there might be some unpleasant residue and grime. So some smooth cloth and glass cleaner can make it look as good as new.

4) Car Shampoo

You can clean your car’s exterior by hand or through a foam cannon. However, to detail a car by hand, you need car shampoo. Car shampoos are from a unique formula to protect the car’s paint.

Buckets, smooth towels, and cloth go in hand with a manual car wash or a hose. Water spray bottles and sponges are also a part of the package.

After applying the car shampoo, you might consider a foam cleaner. A foam cleaner is an accessory to a high-pressure cleaner. It can save time and some elbow grease for car detailing.

5) Wheel Cleaners

Regardless if you have hubcaps or custom rims, your wheels are a part of car detailing. Scrub brushes help rid your wheels of grime, dirt, and mud.

It’s also not wise to wash your wheels with the same car wash bucket. You might risk contaminating chemicals, which can ruin your car’s paint. High-pressure cleaners can also make your wheels spotless.

More on What Do You Need to Detail a Car

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