Seven in ten Americans agree that having a dirty car is a complete turn-off, according to a recent survey published in the New York Post.

Why not take your car to a detail shop to get it nice and clean? Experts at a car detailing service will give your car the royal treatment and make it look new.

Things to look for in a car detailing shop include figuring out your needs, asking about experience, and reading online reviews. 

Here’s more on what to look for at a car detail shop.

Figuring Out Your Needs

When choosing an expert, consider what you want from a car detailing service. Auto detailing includes waxing the exterior, cleaning the windows, and vacuuming the interior. What’s most important to you?

Some portions of your car might be dirtier than others. For example, your interior might be full of dirt after a trip to a lake or the mountains. A car detailing shop will work to remove the rocks, mud, and grime from your car’s interior. 

Many auto detailing shops offer different service levels, depending on your needs. You can get everything done when you detail your car or have one portion of your car detailed. 

It’s important to talk with your car detailing shop about the different types of packages they offer. Doing more will save you money and leave your car looking like you drove it off the lot. 

Asking About Experience

Americans are paying, on average, about $50,000 for a new car. That’s a considerable investment! Hiring an auto detailer with the best experience to care for your vehicle is essential.

Ask the shop who will detail your car and how many years they have the in the business. Someone new to the auto detailing business will not have the know-how to clean your vehicle.

Reading Online Review

An internet search of a car detailing shop will give you insight into how an auto detailer does their job. People are not shy about sharing their opinions online.

Things to read about an auto detailing business online include professionalism, timeliness, and work ethic. Other qualities you’ll discover include convenience and how quickly they return phone calls. 

Rather than relying on friends or family, online reviews are specific to those who have used a particular auto detailing shop. Reading online reviews will help you get the best service and avoid detailing shops that are sub par. 

What to Look For at a Car Detail Shop

Things to look for in a car detail shop include figuring out your needs, asking about experience, and reading online reviews. You want skilled professionals to detail your car without any hassle or problems. 

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