Did you know that boats or yachts around 80 feet sell for 6 figures?

An 84-foot refitted in 2015, for instance, cost $1.45 million, while a 100 feet one can cost $1 million per 3.3 feet. Pretty costly, right? However, that’s only for the boat itself; you also have to count on the upkeep cost for boat interiors.

You can save money by doing the detailing yourself. If you`re looking to do the upkeep of your boat interiors for yourself, then this article is for you. Here are three main tips to remember when detailing your boat interiors:

1. Maintain Your Gelcoat with Wax and Polish

Most fiberglass boats need Gelcoat maintenance on both the deck and the hull sides. Gelcoat protects your fiberglass boat against damaging elements like the sun. When in poor condition, your Gelcoat will become a hazy mess.

To avoid this, maintain by waxing and polishing it across different seasons. Waxing it will help seal and protect the Gelcoat as the coating that resists dirt, water, salt, and rays of the sun, which increases the lifespan of the boat.

Maintain waxing at least twice per season to make sure it’s well-maintained. The best time to do so is to go out in the sea in spring and before you rest your boat for winter. You`ll need to polish it, too, as polishes help remove oxidation from the gel coat, making it shine.

It`s also important that to execute proper cleaning during boating season. Use high-quality boat soap to wash away grime and salt before and after going out at sea.

Although strong and harsher boat soaps can clean better, it removes the wax, leading to a dull-looking Gelcoat. Further, always use a sponge or soft brushed when you scrub Gelcoat to avoid scratches, especially for smooth areas.

2. Use Proper Cleaners for Boat Seats

Large or small boats come with comfy seating cushions usually made of vinyl. Vinyl is a very durable material, but using the wrong cleaners can ruin it.

Clean vinyl with a pail of mild and soapy water and a soft sponge, then rinse. Don`t use cleaners with bleach or ammonia as it can cause the vinyl to break down, ruining it.

If you wish to deep clean, use a cleaner made for vinyl and follow through by applying a vinyl protectant. This helps in protecting your seats from abrasive chemicals. Clean your boat interiors, especially components made with vinyl, once a month.

3. Cover Your Boat When Not in Use

It`s better safe than sorry, so cover your boat to prevent dirt and other elements from forming. Covering will prevent UV damage and other possible damages.

If you’ve got exterior boat seats that are removable, store them below deck during strong weather conditions. For permanent structures like the captain’s chairs, protect them using canvas covers. These simple steps help lengthen your boat interior`s lifespan.

Hook Up with Detail Time for Your Boat Interiors

The general rule in keeping your boat clean and savvy is to use the correct cleaners. Too abrasive, and you`ll ruin your boat interiors.

Detailing takes a lot of time and hard work, which you may not have especially if you`re balancing your time between family and work. Marine detailing also involves experience and unique products to get great results. This is where we, at Detail Time, come in.

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