Keeping a car clean is about more than aesthetic appeal. Failing to provide the exterior portion of a car with the care it needs can result in damage. This is why investing in professional auto detailing regularly is so important.

There is no denying the love affair Americans have with clean cars. Car owners are willing to spend lots of time and money to keep their cars in pristine shape.

Allowing common detailing myths to get in the way of progress is something you have to avoid. Read below for more information about common auto detailing myths and the truth behind them.

1. Wax Fully Protects a Car’s Exterior Surface

Protecting the paint on your car is something you should view as a priority. Some people believe that waxing their car’s exterior is all they have to do to protect their paint. While a fresh coat of wax does offer lots of protection, more has to be done to keep your paint in pristine condition.

Things like tire rubber and tree sap have to be removed from the surface of your vehicle immediately. The longer these elements are allowed to remain on your car’s exterior, the more damage they will cause.

Using the right cleaning products and a microfiber cloth will help you remove these substances before they harden.

2. Using Dishwashing Detergent to Wash a Car is Acceptable

Removing dirt from your car’s surface can prevent scratches to the paint. Washing your vehicle the right way requires the use of the right products. One of the biggest mistakes you can make when trying to wash your vehicle is reaching for a bottle of dishwashing detergent.

Making this mistake can result in the polymers in your paint being destroyed. This will make the paint dull and unappealing. Working with professionals who have the right products will help to protect your paint.

3. You Can Remove Swirl Marks With Wax

If you start to see swirls in the paint on your vehicle, then you need to figure out a way to fix this common issue. These swirls are actually fine scratches that form when the surfaced is wiped down with a dry towel. Perhaps the most common auto detailing myth around is that paint swirl marks can be removed by a quality wax.

In reality, you will need to use a high-end paint cleaner to remove these minor scratches. Reaching out to professionals that use proven detailing techniques is crucial when trying to get this work done properly.

Detailing professionals will have the time, tools and experience to remove imperfections from the exterior portion of your vehicle.

4. It’s Acceptable To Use T-shirts As Cleaning Cloths

The main thing you need to adequately detail a car is the right tools. Having access to quality cleaning cloths can help a car owner prevent scratches during the detailing process.

Some car owners think that using t-shirts as cleaning cloths is a wise move. The truth is that t-shirts will damage your car and cause scratches. This is why using quality microfiber cloths is advisable.

Auto Detailing Done Right

Now that you know more about common auto detailing myths, it is time to make a few changes. Instead of taking on the work involved in detailing a car alone, you need to leave this job to professionals.

Reach out to Detail Time today for help with your auto detailing needs.