The average American drives their car around 30 miles per day. With this stat in mind, it’s safe to say that most people depend on their automobiles. 

However, like any other machine, if you want your car to continue to be reliable, you have to take care of it. 

Maintenance isn’t just under the hood, either. The exterior of your car also needs to be considered to keep things in tip-top shape.

As such, you should learn about proper auto detail. Correct detailing is actually more tedious than it seems. 

Read on to discover a few auto detail tips and tricks.

Tip: A Car Wash Is Not the Same as Detailing

While it may be cheaper, a drive-thru car wash is not as effective as professional detailing. 

For starters, countless cars go through a car wash on a daily basis. That means all the dirt, grime, and debris from previous cars are still in the wash mops. Not only can this scratch your car’s finish, but, instead of cleaning, it pushes dirt around. 

By the time you pull out of the wash, your car is still rife with dirt and water spots. 

Alternatively, auto detailing supplies are clean from the get-go. The tools work to gently remove the dirt from your vehicle. Furthermore, a professional detailer will clean areas of your ride that a car wash won’t reach. 

Use a detail service to ensure your car gets the attention it needs. 

Trick: Routine Waxing Protects and Polishes

We get it. Once you have your car detailed, it looks so good you don’t want to drive it. Anything that takes away from the shine is a bummer.

Fortunately, waxing your car will protect and maintain the new car shine. Regardless of how often you detail your car, you should apply new wax every three months.

Wax puts a coating on your car’s paint that protects it from elemental wear and tear. 

A high-quality wax will keep your car clean longer and give it a shine worth showing off. 

Tip: Not All Detailing Services Are the Same

Don’t call the first dealing shop you see. It’s important to do your research and determine if the company is doing quality work. 

First, look at the cost vs service. Brand of products, quality of service, and professionalism should all play a role in your selection. 

Professional mobile auto detailing should offer a variety of packages for your needs.

Read reviews and ask around to ensure the interior and exterior of your car are serviced by an excellent company. 

Trick: Paint and Trim Have Different Needs 

Take a look at the exterior of your car. Chances are, you have painted surfaces and plastic or vinyl trim. 

Different materials require different cleaning on a car. The paint finish benefits from car shampoo and waxing. The black trim. conversely, needs a plastic restoration solution to keep its color. 

Make sure the right products are uses on the exterior materials.  

Schedule an Auto Detail Today

Maintaining a car is about everything from the engine to the exterior. Take care of your car and it will return the favor. 

With these auto detail tips and tricks in mind, it’s time for a cleaning. If you are interested in setting up a service, don’t hesitate to give us a call